The Connection Between Ads and SEO in 2023

The Connection Between Ads and SEO in 2023
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Promoting a business is one of the top concerns for entrepreneurs, executives, and marketing department employees.

The purpose of promotion is to inform potential or existing customers about a brand and convince them to buy the product or service that is offered.

Some promotional campaigns are focused more on establishing a brand image while others are about selling specific products.

Many strategies exist for marketers to promote their businesses to target audiences. Two forms of ads that are popular topics in 2023 are online ads and search engine optimization (SEO).

Though they serve different purposes, both are capable of building a stronger online presence for brands. 

While the two methods overlap in a few ways, they also have significant differences. Let’s dive into the connection between ads and SEO that decision-makers at all businesses should understand.


First, let’s talk about what each of these methods entails. Online ads are often referred to as pay-per-click campaigns.

A company may pay for Google Advertising so that results linking to their website show up above all the organic results for a specific search query.

Social media ads will show image or video ads within a person’s feed on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Banner ads could show up in the sidebar of specific websites that agree to host the ads. Online ads provide a direct route to a website or landing page of a specific brand.

ads and seo

Search engine optimization, on the other hand, is all about ranking highly with organic search results. There are many ways to improve SEO so that your website shows up early in the results on Google, Bing, or other search platforms.

These methods include working with top-rated link building services, conducting keyword research, optimizing headings/subheadings, writing meta tag descriptions, improving content, and creating Google My Business profiles. 

Similarities: Online Ads

The main similarity between these ads and SEO is that they are heavily focused online. Innovation happens quickly, and the Internet has changed how both businesses and consumers behave.

Brands that want to stay relevant and connected to their audiences must embrace the advertising opportunities that are presented online. Plus, both strategies rely heavily on the art of content creation.

Ads must have a compelling visual and message that drives action while websites need high-quality content to be ranked higher in search results.

Online ads like social media ads or Google ads allow businesses to target certain keywords or demographics to share their message with audiences.

Users may then click on the ad to take a preferred action like making a purchase, signing up for emails, or finding a nearby store location.

SEO embraces the search side of the online world. Many consumers start their searches for a product or service online by typing a question or topic into a search engine.

The top results that appear receive the vast majority of online traffic, making those businesses in the top three results benefit the most from organic web browsers.

A comprehensive SEO strategy can put your website in a better position to receive greater organic traffic.

Differences: Implementation

If you are choosing between one type of campaign and the other, then the best strategy will depend on your goals for the marketing initiative.

Are you looking for a long-term strategy that can be maintained for organic traffic increases over time? Then an SEO strategy generally builds toward that goal. However, if you are hoping for a more time-bound, fast promotion, like marketing an upcoming event, then online ads are better suited for that job.

Companies that would like to improve their marketing efforts as a whole may consider investing in a combination of both SEO and online ads.

The online ads can drive traffic to the website from various platforms and websites while also targeting specific groups of people.

Optimizing your website for search engines will likely yield a stronger online presence for the brand for an extended period that allows more people to find your website and determine if your brand is trustworthy or not. 

Implementing both types of campaigns can help you accomplish both short and long-term marketing goals for your brand that can generate a lot of awareness and excitement about the company.

Digital Marketing is a Thriving Industry

ads and seo

The best part about marketing in 2023 is that you do not have to do it alone.

There are gaps in everyone’s knowledge, and advertising in the digital age may be a knowledge gap for you. When that is the case, and you are not sure how to reach your brand’s promotional goals, then turning to marketing professionals can make things go a lot smoother.

The right marketing agency may specialize in either online ads, SEO, both, or neither. Find a company that can design a marketing plan around your budget and goals, then work together to decide how you might utilize online ads and SEO to improve the brand’s potential. 

Eugene Agoh

Eugene Agoh

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