9 Most Profitable Digital Products To Sell

digital products to sell
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Have you been thinking of the best digital products to sell online to maximize profit?

The sale of digital products has become popular over the years due to the rise in opportunities for entrepreneurship in a digital era. It is now one of the most lucrative ways to make money online, especially for creators and entrepreneurs. 

Creators and entrepreneurs can tap into the growing demand for digital products. In this article, you will learn about the best online products you can sell to make money. 

So here are the best selling digital products to sell online that help maximize profit. 

Best Digital Products To Sell Online That Are Profitable

Online courses


Software as a service (SaaS)

Digital templates

Digital Art and media



Professional services 

Printable products

Online courses

The demand for online learning has been on the rise recently and people are willing to pay lots of money to gain knowledge in the comfort of their homes. Being able to gain new knowledge, and skills at your own pace and schedule is what makes digital courses incredibly convenient. 

Selling online courses helps you turn your expertise into a new source of income. As long as you have the willingness to share your knowledge then you can make money from it. This is one of the most profitable digital products to sell online. 

You can teach anything to people seeking self-improvement or professional development and maximize profit from it. 

How do these online courses work?

They typically consist of video lessons, written materials, quizzes, assignments and live recorded sessions with instructors. Individuals can access these digital courses through a website or learning management system.

Examples of digital courses to sell

  • Yoga for beginners
  • Cooking masterclass
  • Coding
  • Financial planning and investment
  • Graphics Designing
  • Writing 


E-books could be fictional, non-fictional, educative, instructive and anything that you know would interest your target audience. These books are basically like traditional books but this time they can be found online. 

E-books are convenient in this era because of how they can be accessed easily with tablets, smartphones, laptops, and e-readers. They come in various formats such as PDFs, EPUB, MOBI, and AZW but they all share the same purpose of delivering content in a digital format. 

Why are e-books popular digital products to sell?

Digital books are very convenient, they can be customizable, affordable, environmentally friendly, convenient and easily accessible. You can upload and sell e-books on sites such as Sellfy, amazon, selar, payhip, and Smash Words.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Another digital product to sell online is software. SaaS is a distribution model where software applications are assessed by users digitally through subscriptions. Instead of buying and installing the software permanently on their laptops, users pay a fee regularly to continue to use the software. 

After users have subscribed, they usually receive login details to access the SaaS platform. They can now make use of the software features, and tools to perform tasks, manage data or automate processes depending on the specific application. 

Examples of software applications that are used based on subscription. SEMrush, Ahrefs, slack, dropbox, HubSpot. With the right SaaS marketing, you are on your way to making millions.

Now if you have a good idea of software applications that can be based on subscription, it is time to get to work and sell this digital product. 

Digital templates

Templates are pre-designed to help users customize to fit their specific needs. Digital templates are files or documents online that can be customized easily. They could come in PDFs, excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, or design files. 

Digital templates help users save time which is why it is one of the best digital products to sell online. They are ready-made layouts, designs, and formats for common tasks, activities or projects. 

Ideas on digital templates you can sell to make money online. 

  • Business documents (e.g invoices, receipts, business proposals, contracts)
  • Marketing materials (e.g email newsletters, social media graphics, flyers, brochures)
  • Resume and CV templates 
  • Website design templates
  • Planners and organizers.

These digital templates can be sold on shopify, payhip, creative markets. 

Digital Art and media

These are visual and multimedia content created using digital tools and software. They are usually digital illustrations, paintings, graphic designs, photography, videos, music, and interactive media. 

As an artist or creator, you can leverage digital platforms and software applications to produce and share artwork in digital formats. The best places to sell your digital art are Etsy, Creative Markets, redbubble, and Designcuts. 

digital art as digital products to sell

There are several platforms where you can sell your digital art and media to make money online. Just look for a platform that best suits you. 

Examples of digital art and media you can sell. Digital paintings and illustrations, graphic designs, photography, digital animations, motion graphics, digital music and audio production. These are all digital products to sell if you have the creativity to create one. 


Applications are software programs that help to perform tasks or provide functionality on smartphones, laptops and tablets. They are also known as apps and could serve various purposes. 

These apps could be for productivity, entertainment, communication, or education and they are typically downloaded from an app store. 

If you have the skill to run codes that perform predefined functions or operations to accomplish specific tasks or objectives then you can make money from selling this product. 

application as digital products to sell

Examples of applications you can sell online; 

  • Mobile games
  • Productivity tools ( calendars, to-do lists, note-taking apps) 
  • Educational apps
  • Health and fitness apps
  • Photo and video editing apps. 


Webinar is another profitable digital products to sell online. They are seminars or workshops conducted over the Internet. Here you could share information, deliver presentations and interact with participants in real time or even record presentations and sell to interested individuals. 

These webinars could be live videos or audio presentations supplemented with slides and often they include interactive features like polls, Q&A sessions or chat discussions. So if you have knowledge and skills that are in demand, get to work and host webinar sessions. You will be making lots of profits from this digital product. 

If you do not have ideas on what to teach, do not worry I got you. Here are examples of webinars you can hold. 

  • Professional development workshops ( time management skills, communication techniques, career advancement strategies. 
  • Business growth seminars
  • Personal development workshops ( stress management, mental health awareness, holistic wellness, personal growth) 

If you have knowledge on any of this, then get to work and start selling them. 

Professional services 

If you have specialized skills and expertise that can solve specific problems, achieve goals, or improve performance then you should sell this. You can make a lot of money from offering professional services. You can offer this service as a consultant, freelancer, or agency. 

How do you sell professional services as a digital product? You can do this by creating an online presence, offering online consultations, and utilizing platforms and marketplaces like Upwork, fiverr. 

Leverage digital platforms, tools, and technologies to reach a wider audience, expand your client base and grow your business beyond geographical limitations. One of the most profitable digital products to sell online as long as you can provide valuable expertise and solve client problems. 

Printable products

You can also sell printable products that come as digital files or templates that customers can download and print themselves at home or in a print shop. Printable products can come in various formats like PDFs, JPEGs or PNGs and include design formats that can be printed onto paper, cardstock, fabric, or other materials.

They offer convenience, customization, and affordability for customers who want instant access to creative resources or personalized items. 

printable products as digital products to sell

This digital product can be sold as art posters, greeting cards and invitations, planners and organizers, party decorations and supplies. 

To sell printable products, you should:

  • Create high quality designs
  • Set up an online store
  • Optimize product listings
  • Market your products

There you have it! 9 profitable digital products to sell that can make you lots of money. Get to work and start creating any of these products so you can make money. Click this link to learn how to go about online advertising for digital products.

Chidubem Achugbulam

Chidubem Achugbulam

Chidubem is a digital marketing specialist | Search engine optimization specialist | Social media marketer. Chidubem is a creative thinker who loves to implement different marketing strategies to help brands grow. She is passionate about brand growth and creation of marketing campaigns. She enjoys learning new things and is always looking for ways to improve her knowledge.

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