Top 6 Best WordPress hosting for small business

Best wordpress hosting
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Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your website or blog plays a major role in the successful performance of your website and ultimately your businesses.

However, most businesses do not take this seriously because of the lack of knowledge and awareness of how their WordPress hosting can have on their business.

Here is what most small business owners should know. your hosting has a significant impact on your search engine rankings as well as your customer’s user experience.

Choosing a wrong or bad web hosting company could affect your website speed, search engine performance and even your PPC campaigns which makes it harder for you to grow your business.

This is why you need to choose the right hosting company.

Also, understanding the various types of WordPress hosting such as shared WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Free and managed WordPress hosting, will lead to better decision making.

In this article, we will discuss the best WordPress hosting options you should use to host your website.

Make sure you read till the end in order to make the best decision.

so here we go…

WordPress Hosting Providers

These are some the best web hosting options you need to look at when it comes to WordPress hosting.

Bluehost WordPress hosting

According to Wikipedia, Bluehost was founded in 2003. The company managed to gain a reputation for its excellent service for many years of excellent web hosting.

As of today, they managed to host over 2 million domains with a great 99.99% uptime making it one of the best web hosting services.

WordPress recommends Bluehost officially. They also ranked the overall #1 for hosting and powering small business websites.

With all this history of WordPress hosting excellence, we highly recommend Bluehost for your WordPress business website.

Bluehost WordPress offers three plans which are shown in the image below.

BlueHost wordpress plans

Hostinger WordPress

Hostinger has built one of the best WordPress hosting systems you can ever dream of having.

In comparison with other hosting companies, they offer Quick and secured, guaranteed 99.99% uptime, feature-rich WordPress hosting solution.

It might interest you to know that Hostinger actively contributes to the WordPress codebase, so you can be sure that they know all the ins and outs of this world-class CMS.

Some of the features you can be sure of having are an amazing load time of 339 Ms and 99.99% uptime which significantly helps your website performance in search engines bringing you a tone of traffic to grow your business.

Hostinger is gradually becoming one of the most desired WordPress hosting among many WordPress users considering their affordable prices of $2.15/mo for the starter, $7.45/mo for premium, and $14.95/mo for a business plan.

These prices are cheap compared to the value they offer as seen in the image below.

Click below to start hosting with Hostinger

Hostinger WordPress

SiteGround WordPress hosting

SiteGround is very popular among WordPress experts over the years and was ranked #1 as the best-performing web hosting service while also serving over 2 million websites around the globe.

Some of the best-known features of their web hosting are security and website speed.

You will be sure your WordPress website will have amazing site speed and be highly secured all the time.

This is great for your search engine rankings as Google and other search engines use these factors to rate website SEO which improves your rankings in search engines.

The end benefit is so much organic traffic which is great for your business both in the short and long term.

SiteGround is officially recommended by WordPress, Woo and Yoast based on their outstanding performance over the years.

SiteGround wordpress hosting

You can see they have a special offer price now if you are willing to join today.

Some of the great features of SiteGround features include automatic upgrades, built-in WP caching, one-click staging, CDN, and GIT version control.

They are also one of the few companies offering location-specific hosting with 3 data centres in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

HostGator WordPress Hosting

Personally, Hostgator was the first web hosting company I ever used back then in 2011. It was a great experience and the support was awesome.

The fact remains that, HostGator is the best WordPress hosting when it comes to hosting a business website.

Millions of small businesses use HostGator because of its long-term reputation as a great web hosting service which includes, Free SSL, 24/7 support, and 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

This is one of the best things you can get from HostGator, 2.5X faster load times for your WordPress web hosting due to supercharged cloud architecture, low-density servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers.

Considering their hosting plans with the offers that come with them. It is simply awesome and one of the best choices you can have for your business.

DreamHost WordPress

Surely one of the top 5 best WordPress hosting companies and officially recommended by WordPress.

One of their outstanding features is making it very easy for you to set up your website and get running within minutes.

They offer instant WordPress setup, free domain, FREE SSL Certificate, FREE Privacy Protection, Advanced, Easy-to-Use Panel, FREE Email Hosting, Automated Backups, and amazing 24/7 Award-Winning Support.

DreamHost wordpress hosting

Other features include free SSDs which make your site 200% faster. DreamHost powers more than 620,000 WordPress websites and blogs.

It’s simply one of the best choices you can have as a blogger or a small business.

GreenGeeks WordPress

Here is what you will get to host your WordPress website with GreenGeeks. They offer 1-Click WordPress Install,  Automatic WordPress Updates, Free WordPress Migration, Caching Technology, Superfast page loads, and Expert WordPress Support 24/7.

In addition, they offer WP Staging, WPcsl and Git all the services you need to perfect your WordPress performance.

These features are common with the above-discussed WordPress hosting companies relatively because it is what gives the best experience and the reason why these hosting companies are the best choice for WordPress hosting.

GreenGeeks WordPress hosting

MochaHost WordPress

MochaHost has top-notch Managed WordPress hosting backed up by a 100% Uptime & Lightning Fast Guarantee!

Actually, MochaHost WordPress is supper good for small businesses and bloggers.

They offer all the following services to power your WordPress website while you focus on building your business.

iPage WordPress

iPage has been around for a long time and has managed a portion of the marketing for hosting WordPress sites and blogs.

They have only two plans which are WP Starter which goes for $3.75/mo and WP Essential which goes for $6.95/mo.

Although iPage is not as effective as the others such as BlueHost and Honstinger, it’s still an option for starters.

Some good features they offer are unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth for both plans.

As far as WordPress, their customized control, panel and plugins, automatic malware removal and site lock professional security makes it possible for iPage WordPress to make this list of best WordPress hosting list.

ipage wordpress hosting

Summary of best WordPress hosting companies

Just to sum up all the discussed above, the table below explains all the features and what each of the WordPress hosting companies offers.

HostingCostFree DomainFree SSL1-Click WPUptimeLoad Time
Bluehost$3.61/mo99.99%390 ms
SiteGround$3.95/mo99.98%629 ms
HostGator$5.95/mo99.99%369 ms
DreamHost$2.59/mo99.92%569 ms
GreenGeeks$2.95/mo99.99%375 ms
MochaHost$2.2899.97%478 ms
Hostinger$2.15 99.99%339 ms
ipage$3.7599.94%709 ms

Best WordPress hosting

Now it’s decision time after going through the list of WordPress hosting providers discussed above which is the primary purpose of this article.

I have decided to make it easy by suggesting the best four among the above list based on their performance and reputation. We look at which of the hosting providers will be the best for your website and here they are.

Best wordpress hosting

During their research on how to determine which of the WordPress hosting companies are on our list, we came across a great comparison of the best WordPress hosting providers which can be seen below

#1. Bluehost performance test

What makes any hosting provider great is the load time and speed performance. As you can see the below metrics of BlueHost are exceptionally great.

Bluehost tested B grade 86 according to WPbeginner analysis with a load time of 1.24 seconds with 660.5Km, 23 requests makes it faster than 85% of the tested servers.

This is a great performance you can expect from BlueHost making it our first recommended WordPress hosting provider.

Bluehost speed and load time performance test

The load impact test shows how BlueHost servers perform even when your traffic increases. It did not have any impact on the server making it one of the best-performing web hosts for your WordPress website or blog.

Read also BlueHost review:

#2. SiteGround Performance test

SiteGround has a pretty good performance for load time impact and speed. However, as the traffic pileup, the load time tends to slow down.

Even at that, the performance is graded B for 88 from 100. Load time of 649 ms, with 326.9 kb page size, 14 requests from Dallas server making it 95% faster than all tested sites.

This is impressive and can be your best choice for hosting your blog or business WordPress site.

SiteGround speed and load time performance test

#3. HostGator Performance test

HostGator did an amazing job as well as ranking B with an 81 performance grade. Their WordPress has a great reputation over time as discussed earlier.

Their load time is 691 ms, 457.4 kb and 27 requests making it 94% faster than the overall tested WordPress sites.

You could notice however that, as the traffic mounted up, the load time dropped a bit even though it’s not that much.

In general, HostGator is a great host you can bank on anytime to host your website or blog and have amazing performance.

HostGator speed and load time performance test

#4. DreamHost performance test

DreamHost has the overall best performance among these four when it comes to loading impact test results.

They manage to score B with 88 performance grades, 760 ms Load time, 450.6 kb and made 23 requests making it faster than 93% of all tested websites.

This is sure one of the best performances I have personally ever seen.

They didn’t show any sign of slowing down even as the traffic increased which makes your website performance resilient and perform at optimal levels at all times.

DreamHost speed and load time performance test

This type of performance can only be found among web host companies with great technologies like DreamHost and you can rest assured your users or visitors will always return because of the great user experience.

Choosing Dreamhost will be a great decision if you decide to go with it.

WordPress speed optimization Tips

Here are some of the things you can do to optimise your WordPress speed.

#1. First, you will need to use tools such as Google site speed test or GTmetrix to find speed issues on your website and try to fix them.

#2. Use CDN platforms: CDN stands for content delivery network. It’s basically a crowd system that hosts or keeps all your website content and delivers them when a request is made making it load faster on your visitor’s computer or mobile devices using the closest server owned by the CDN company.

#2. Use the image optimisation plugin

Plugins like EWWW Image Optimizer and Smush helps optimises your images by compressing them and making them load faster and better on your website.

You can also try out other lazy load image optimisation plugins to improve your site speed.

#3. Avoid installing too many plugins on your WordPress site. It causes your site to slow Always make sure you install only the plugins you need and delete all the plugins you don’t need.


In general, you have a lot of choices to make when it comes to WordPress hosting but you have to be very wise and careful with your choice.

As seen above. We may recommend going with BlueHost or DreamHost as the best WordPress hosting if you want a high performance of your website or blog especially when you are expecting high traffic.

Apart from those first two, HostGator and SiteGround will pretty much do the job of having your blog or website perform at optimal levels.

That’s it, people.

Let me know which of the hosting is your favourite or which one you will use in your next WordPress hosting.

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