Audience Engagement Tools: Best Suggested Tools for Audience Engagement For Marketers

Audience Engagement Tools
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As the wheels of trends keep rolling, there is every need to always follow the practices of the times. Engaging the event attendees is the only practice that is fashionable for your live events.

Developing ways to engage your audience and improve audience participation can give everyone the connection they have been missing.

And that is just as true for virtual and hybrid events as it is for in-person events.

Nowadays, you don’t need to rely on cheers and claps from the crowd. Instead, you can use audience engagement tools to enable attendees to interact with your event format.

What’s more, audience engagement tools don’t require a million-dollar investment to pull great and engaging events– attendees already have the necessary technology in their purses and pockets in the form of their phones and tablets.

In this blog post, I will your mind to the best audience engagement tools that might have missed your eye in the past.

These tools are different in many aspects, so it is up to you to select the one that suits your business objectives.

Read on to discover the best-suggested tools for audience engagement that can help drive your event to the next level.

What are Audience Engagement Tools?

What is Audience Engagement Tool?

Simply put, audience engagement tools are the platform that lets marketers interact and engage with the audience through various channels and tools.

These audience engagement tactics can be utilized during both face-to-face and online interactions where participants can give their input and respond to questions in real time.

Audience engagement tools offer a simple way of facilitating interaction between the speakers and the audience to ensure engagement.

These platforms also enable speakers and participants to keep the dialogue open while participating in the event.

Tools for Audience Engagement that Matters to Every Marketer

#1. Engagenow

Using this tool, you can create Interactive experiences that convert attendees into loyalists as it helps you engage your users through every step of the customer journey.

Generate leads, gain instant feedback, and drive more returns while capturing important insights in your marketing tracks.

Engagenow allows you to design attractive-looking polls and quizzes that motivate the audience to interact with the big screen during an event.

It can also be used to crowdsource questions or open up chat around the event to spark debate and connect attendees.

This could come in use at events that feature a debate, such as panel discussions.

#2. Taggbox

Taggbox enables social interactions powered by UGC to exist on your site and makes it easy to connect with people in this time of isolation.

Conversion is no longer just selling- it’s a marketing mix of user engagement, trust, and retention through UGC.

Curate relevant content from social media and publish it on your web pages to grow awareness, reach, user engagement, and more.

Achieve all these with Taggbox to reach your final goal of maximum conversions.

#3. Glisser

Glisser is a hugely popular and award-winning event and meeting tool that allows presenters to share slides to the attendees` mobile devices during presentations.

The attendees get to interact with those presentations, and they can easily like, comment, or even share those presentations on their social media walls.

With Glisser, the attendees can also download the presentations, making things more convenient for both presenters and the audience.

#4. BuzzMaster

Buzzmaster is a popular Dutch audience engagement tool that has a slightly different value proposition where it allows real people to moderate the responses of the audience in real-time.

These people are known as “BuzzMasters,” and they are accomplished journalists or event managers who go through all the replies of the audience and find your visitors’ best stories.

BuzzMaster works great for conferences and debates where you can easily inspire conversations.

#5. EventMobi

EventMobi is an end-to-end event management tool for event organizers. It helps you to plan, promote, monetize and deliver engaging virtual, hybrid, and real-time event experiences.

With EventMobi you can design a convenient mobile event app that could be an interactive pocket guide and help attendees cruise through the event.

This app offers a complete range of tools such as interactive agendas, advanced mapping for quick venue navigation, built-in live streaming, advanced analytics, and several others.

#6. Slido

Slido is a flexible audience engagement platform that sparks your attendees to think and participate in a more creative manner through Q&A and polls.

It integrates seamlessly with other virtual events platforms and opens up a two-way communication street between the audience and your presenters.

Slido also provides fun and interactive quizzes that you can use to easily measure the understanding of the audience.

#7. Mentimeter

Mentimeter is a tool for interactive presentations that lets you engage your audience and deliver real-time updates, comments, and insights.

Unlike most audience engagement tools, Mentimeter allows you to create your presentations and integrate interactive questions such as multiple-choice, open-ended, word clouds, polls, and quizzes.

You can also create your presentation theme leveraging free stock photos and GIFs from their virtual library.

The attendees can then vote, respond, interact, and participate in the presentation anonymously, which is ideal for live webinars or virtual meetings. For international audiences, there’s even a built-in translation feature.

#8. LoQuiz

Games are a great way to engage an audience, and LoQuiz allows you easily set up a variety of games and quizzes with an integrated question library.

It can also allow you to stage bespoke treasure hunts, using written clues or photos to guide players.

The app, which an appointed team leader operates on a tablet, utilizes GPS for outdoor positioning and a defined clue system for indoor question mapping, making it suitable for events of all sizes.

#9. Cvent

Cvent is one of the best online engagement tools that allow the audience to vote through polls and feedback or answer multiple-choice questions using their mobile phones.

Presenters can create polls instantly and schedule questions ahead of time to create an exceedingly interactive session.

Presenters can also easily personalize their presentations based on their audiences’ responses.

#10. Crowd Mics

Crowd Mics (Audience Engagement)

Crowd Mics is a free audience engagement tool that turns the audience’s phones into wireless microphones.

It is very helpful during forum-style events or other situations when a roving microphone is required.

The tool pairs with an ATOM box, linking to the venue’s wired network and sound system.

Meanwhile, the moderator controls who speaks through an iPad app interface. Crowd Mics also offers to poll and commenting features.

#11. Angage

Rather than asking attendees to use their phones to vote or answer multiple-choice questions, Angage equips them with individual voting keypads, making the selection process easier for less tech-savvy participants.

The easy-to-use keypads let attendees respond to questions by selecting letters or numbers. The answers can then be shown in real-time, making it easy to gather opinions.

#12. EventScribe

The eventScribe mobile event app provides multiple features, including the ability for participants to ask questions, leave comments, and connect through a private social networking platform.

Another fascinating feature is the opportunity for attendees to view and annotate presentation slides.

After then, they can share their notes with the other members of the group. The tool also has social networking features that enable users to interact and speak with one another, a terrific method to create rapport between real and virtual participants.

#13. QuickMobile

QuickMobile is a polling and feedback tool that lets the audience vote, rate or respond to multiple-choice questions from their phones.

The tool offers mobile apps that can improve your events and meetings by letting you engage audiences effectively.

The company’s event app solution creates a communication channel that you can use to enhance attendee participation, develop their loyalty, and generate more returns via richer experiences.

You can utilize the capabilities of QuickMobile’s social and mobile tools to build profitable long-term rapport with your audiences.

With the solutions built into this tool, you can deliver fully-integrated, productive, and tailored meetings and events across your enterprise and outside to engage and fascinate your attendees.

#14. MeetingPulse

MeetingPulse is one of the online tools for audience engagement that aims at creating fascinating experiences for your audience through interactive presentations.

It is a great tool as it offers tons of elbow room for planning and brainstorming for your event.

What’s more, users get an event gatekeeper to provide assistance during the events and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

You can also add, store and analyze the outcome at the end of every event.

#15. Catchbox

Dissimilar to the other tools in this list, Catchbox is not an app, but a physical microphone. However, it’s not the typical microphone fully known to you – it’s the world’s first throwable wireless microphone.

So, when you are asking questions for audience participation, instead of having to pick your way through the thick crowd to reach them with the everyday mic, you simply throw them the Catchbox.

It engages participants in a fun game of catch, while also allowing you to create an informal, relaxed atmosphere.


Tools for audience engagement have made it relatively easy for marketers to draw and sustain the attention of event participants now than it was in the past when these were not available.

All you need to capture the attention of the audience is an ideal audience engagement tool by your side.

I want you to have the smoothest experiences in your future events, and take you an inch closer to the goal post of marketing to score all them all.

I present you with this guide that carries a list of the best audience engagement tools you need to watch out for in 2022 and the year after (probably). So, please select the one that matches your brand`s objectives and get on with it.

Terhemba Ucha

Terhemba Ucha

Terhemba has over 11 years of digital marketing and specifically focuses on paid advertising on social media and search engines. He loves tech and kin in learning and sharing his knowledge with others. He consults on digital marketing and growth hacking.

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