Choose among our best performing and cost effective ad formats to reach your targeted audience. Create all ad types such as banner ads, Text ads, Interstitials, Pop-Ups, and Direct ad campaigns for quality and affordable traffic that converts and deliver high ROI on advertising. Your ads will reach a large audience across all devices and regions. AdsTargets offer several targeting options, real-time tracking and ad optimisation possibilities.


Chose among our various ad formats to monetise your traffic. We are proud to be the first Ad network that pays publishers over 85% of the revenue from advertisers. Our goal is to ensure maximum traffic monetisation culture that favour our publishers. You can monetise your traffic with Banners, Text, Interstitials, Pop-Ups and direct ads with web and mobile compatible ads based on CPC and CPM models.

Banner Ads

Advertise and Monetise with Banner Ads

AdsTargets offers multiple types of traditional display banners ads, We provide all banner sizes including rectangle, skyscraper, leaderboard and custom banners for specific regions. These ads are designed to deliver high engagement for both publishers and Advertisers providing the best advertising experience.

  • Rectangles (300×250)
  • Rectangle banners are highly performing banners and are compatible on all web and mobile platforms. Our rectangle banners are mobile and desktop compatible standard display ad units.
  • Skyscrapers (120×600)
  • These are narrow and tall banner ads we offer which are compatible for mobile and desktop platforms. They are mostly placed to the side of the content for high exposure and engagement.
  • Leaderboard (728×90)
  • Our top-performing standard web banner formats, these ads are best placed at the top of the page for maximum visibility.

Interstitial Ads

Advertise and Monetise with Interstitials
  • Our Interstitial ads offers massive revenue opportunity for publishers while delivering high conversion rates for advertisers.
  • These appear on webpages and mobile devices at some time while the user is on the page or while the page is loading or when the user is about to leave the page.
  • Take advantage of these to drive high conversions as an advertiser to reach your audience.
  • Utilise those valuable spare moments in between web pages to reach your audience with an immersive ad experience.
  • Our Interstitial ads are cost effective as format for advertiser as it gives maximum exposure even with little investment.
  • We also maximise publishers revenue as we deliver interstitials ads with best user experience without interrupting users while on the page.

Text Ads

Advertise and Monetise with Text Ads

Text ads are great ad format to deliver a detailed brand message to your potential clients as an advertiser.

AdsTargets Text ads delivers quality engagement and quality traffic for advertisers as it text the message in a more elaborate format.

Use Cheap Text Ads to boost your traffic and sales

With our optimisation tool, we also maximise publishers revenue while display text ads within their text content to match their content style while at the same time un-interrupting user experience.

Monetise your traffic with attractive and engaging text Ads for more income as a publisher.

Choose your desired ad sizes that maximise your revenue

Create clean and engaging Display advertising campaigns with attractive backgrounds

Mobile Ads

Advertise and Monetise with mobile Ads

Mobile ads have potentials to take your business to the next level as an advertiser. Most of your potential clients spend most of their time on mobile devices each day.

Our mobile are are designed to take your ads to your potential clients on anywhere and at any moment to increase brand reach and visibility.

Take the advantage of our mobile advertising display campaigns to reach your audience with cost effective campaigns.

Reach more mobile users and increase your visibility as a brand

Turn every impressing and click into money as a publisher. Monetise your traffic with mobile campaigns to increase your revenue with our mobile display ads.

Optimised to reach more audience across all mobile devices and Android Apps

Each mobile and in-App Ad impression that makes a difference on your income

We support all your desired Ad sizes to maintain your audience engagement