Best 16 Indian ad networks for publishers

Best 16 Indian ad networks for publishers

For many publishers in India, AdSense and other giant ad networks such as are the most prefered ad networks to monetise their traffic. However, the majority of their applications are not approved because of one reason or the other.

What most of the publishers don’t know is that there are several Indian Ad networks that could be a prefered option compared to Adsense and others. Because we care about your monetisation, we decided to bring you the list of the best monetisation channels in India.

Stay tuned and read till the end to make the best choices.

Here are some of the best Ad Networks to monetise your traffic within India. Although some of these ad networks are not based in India but highly welcome and accept Indian publishers.

#1. AdsTargets

Though AdsTargets is not based in India but has a significant presence in India, It works will Indian publishers allowing them to maximise their ad revenue on both websites and mobile Apps.

AdsTargets offer publishers in India a unique way of monetising their traffic while earning the maximum amounts they can earn just like AdSense.

The threshold here is just $25, it allows for withdrawals every day as soon as you have the minimum withdrawer requirement. We pay our publishers through Paypal and wire transfers.

AdsTargets home page

#2. SVG Media

SVG Media was founded in India since 2006, is known to be one of the largest and promising among Indian ad networks plus online media networks with a global reach of over 33 million unique cumulative users, representing approximately 60% of India’s Web audience.

It offers publishers all media type to suit their publishing need. Some of their media examples are, Product Listing Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Dynamic Re-Targeting, Video and Native Ads and Social.

Today, SVG Media is present in India, South East Asia and the Middle East.

#3. Affle

Incorporated in 2005, Affle (India) Limited is a mobile marketing company offering Consumer and Enterprise Platforms.

The platform is designed to minimize digital advertising fraud, help user privacy expectations and enhance the return on marketing costs by delivering mobile ads.

The consumer platform mainly provides the following services:

1. New consumer sales (acquisitions, investments, purchases) through specific mobile advertising;

2. Retargeting current customers to full payments of e-commerce businesses via relevant mobile advertising.

3. Online to offline (O2O) network that turns online customer interaction into in-store walk-ins.

#4. adChakra

Adchakra platform-wide Unified Online Ad product that can support online, phone and other digital media ads with real-time lead and affiliate sales optimization. It is based in India with offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. 

Adchakra is one of the country’s leading advertising network to focus on channel-based optimization campaigns.

Adchakra utilizes its in-house technology platform and strong partnerships with top companies to deliver campaign solutions to advertisers that deliver impressive results.

#5. Collectcent

Collectcent is one of the top companies from India that deliver mobile ads that are created to be compatible with all mobile screens, delivering and monetizing millions of impressions a day.

They also developed self-learning algorithms in a big data setting that can target users who are more likely to be interested, tap and purchase.

Their fraud identification algorithms can also be used to differentiate between actual and bot traffic. Using this method, Collectcent disables the traffic of the bot before it enters the network.

#6. is powered by Yahoo and Bing and controls a reasonable amount of the advertising industry. has one of the most advanced advertising technologies, it is one of the leading contextual advertising and monetizing platform in the market today. Adsense alternative ad network

the company has grown to employ over 1300 employees according to their latest figures shown on their about page. Their operations spread through America mostly the USA and Canada, Asia and Europe.

However, their traffic distribution by Ad Spend/Revenues in 2018 mostly comes from the USA with 90%, 5% in the UK and Canada while the rest of the world takes the last 5%. Of these, mobile takes 62% and desktop 32% by devices. net is known for contextual ads, Native Ads which they run on desktop and mobile devices, they also run banner Ads and Interstitials also known as full-screen Ads. Their inventory is very similar to Google Adsense and AdMob which make it an Adsense alternative Ad networks for publishers. Payment threshold is also $100 similar to Google Adsense. These similarities make a top Adsense alternative ad network for publishers around the world.

In general, has almost everything you can get from Google Adsense.

Most publishers are okay with their payments terms and they usually pay through Paypal and Wire-transfers while Google AdSense does not use Paypal at all in paying publishers.

Since the company was started by an Indian and also used by a lot of Indian publishers, I think is fair to include it among Indian ad networks.

#7. Seventynine

Seventynine is one of the SVG Media Company. It is a major mobile advertising software and monetization company providing a wide range of products and services for online publishers to increase their advertising revenues and also performance-driven advertisers who aim to reach, connect and transform the right audience.

It is focused on providing the best-in-class advertising solutions with revolutionary marketing formats, placements, targeting & monitoring techniques as well as in-depth audience insights.

#8. Adson Media

Adsonmedia is a professional ad network focusing on online advertising services. 

Their strategies provide industry-leading platform-wide transparency that reveals unique and important insights into campaign results, placement, performance, and expense.

Through innovative ad management systems and an excellent customer service experience, they help online advertisers, media companies and brand marketers achieve their goals efficiently.

Adsonmedia offers integrated strategies for premium publishers to produce maximum revenue from their stock that is unsold or not guaranteed.

#9. ADAttract

ADAttract is a CPA Affiliate Network that offers online marketing-based performance to marketers and publishers

It offers creative advertising styles such as full-screen, vertical or in-feed video and native advertising. ADAttract was developed with a strategy to provide top-level experience and incomparable affiliate support to marketers and their publishers.

Their CPA Affiliate Network uses a stringent advertiser endorsement system and a dedicated team of affiliate record managers allows their members to check deals across a variety of media platforms and may offer different monitoring techniques.

#10. Tyroo

Tyroo was founded in 2006 and based in New Delhi. 

Nowadays, Tyroo is one of the top three customer acquisition channels for e-commerce, travel, BFSI and online business. Tyroo provides solutions such as Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Download, Retargeting, Pay Per Call and Mobile Performance Marketing.

Tyroo, has grown to be one of the largest multi-screen performance network in India with over 90 million hits from different visitors every month. They deliver over 20 billion+ ads every month to consumers across 15 focus markets.

They have a physical presence across Mumbai, Delhi, Jakarta, Singapore, Dubai, Bangalore, and expanding across the world.

#11. XapAds

Xapads is a programmatic advertising network that provides a platform for self-service monetization and integrated RTB solutions. 

There are many companies on the market offering the digital marketing product, but Xapads is the first exclusive digital marketing agency to cater for the offerings of online display ads and online video ads.

Xapads Digital Advertising Company provides studies and strategic planning related to competition in the marketplace. 

The company has offices in Delhi, NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru, India, and has offices in Singapore and the United States. It draws 65% of its income from abroad.

#12. Adgebra

Adgebra was founded in 2013, and this is a native ad platform that delivers local advertising with high impact. 

Currently, Adgebra reaches an audience of up to 250 mm and servers 5 billion monthly impressions in over 10 Indian local languages including English.

Adgebra is one of India’s fastest-growing native CPM ad networks and provides its publishers with an interactive payout.

The ad network allows publishers to monetizes their blogs and websites with local material that are otherwise rejected by AdSense and other display ad networks.

Adgebra offers: CMP Payments, Innovative Mobile Ad units, One Time Integration, Audience Data Exchange, Real-Time Reports and Personalized Content Recommendation

Make money blogging
Make money blogging

#13. Pubmatic

Rajeev and Amar Goel formed PubMatic together with Anand Das and Mukul Kumar in 2006. Since then, PubMatic has consistently been the first to market products, services and systems for publishers that have changed the industry.

The PubMatic system empowers individual app developers and publishers to monitor and optimize their digital advertising business. The Publisher-centric strategy of PubMatic allows marketers to optimize ROI by targeting and engaging their target audiences in brand-safe, exclusive environments through media forms and platforms.

#14. Komli

Komli Media is a digital technology platform offering display, mobile, video, search and data-related solutions. The company provides a network platform of strategies for lead acquisition, targeting audiences, rich media, online audience measurement and brand impact measurements. 

Komli has concentrated on upgrading the software for the next few years, introducing digital and video advertising products to its portfolio. 

In India, digital marketing opportunities rose from less than $50 million, when Komli was founded, to about $500 million this year, according to industry estimates. Goel says that Komli is the largest independent player in his space.

#15. Exponential 

The Exponential Business Tribal Fusion offers multiple advertising solutions for advertisers and revenue opportunities for publishers. 

The cost-per-thousand (CPM) network of Tribal Fusion provides personalized placements across 1,000 high-quality locations to premium brand advertisers.

More than 70% of campaigns are targeted or adjusted to the needs of advertisers. Tribal Fusion provides site-specific and exclusive placements, audience targeting, user targeting, geotargeting, and daypart marketing and tandem advertisement.

#16. InMobi

InMobi is an Indian worldwide provider of business platforms for marketers. It develops an advertisement that serves an algorithm that helps to optimize the ranking of advertisements on mobile phones.

They have recently acquired a mobile rich media company, Sprout, which allows them to offer premium mobile ads as well as an enormous amount of additional inventories. InMobi also provides marketers and publishers with access to near-real-time reports to track ad campaign quality and website monetization status.

As the leading technology company founded in 2007, InMobi was recognized as the 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 company and the 2018 Fast Company Most Innovative Companies.


If you are in India and have used any of the above Indian ad networks, Please share your experience with us in the comment section. Let us know your favourite and reasons.

I believe most of these will work just fine for many Indian publishers both new and established publishers. The trick to choosing the best Ad network is to test as many Ad networks as possible and see which one work best for you and possibly in your region.

How to increase Ad Viewability rate

How to increase Ad Viewability rate

Ad viability is a serious topic for both advertisers and publishers across the advertising industry. It is estimated that the average ad view for an average publisher is about 50.2%. This means about 49.8% of the ad placement on web pages or mobile devices are not seen.

Usually, most of these ads are not seen by visitors because of several reasons. Reasons such are the ad placement and ad type, positioning on the webpage or mobile device among other factors hinder or reduce ads to be viewed.

This has serious consequences for publishers as it has a significant impact on their ad revenue. Also, Since Google consider Ad viability as a performance evaluation factor, Publishers need to take it seriously and do everything necessary to increase ad viability.

Considering the importance of this topic, we are going to discuss all you need to know about ad viewability and factors that prevent high rate of viewability and also how you can increase viewability as a publishers.

So let’s beginning

What is Ad Viewability?

This is simply the actual amount or the actual percentage of people that actually view your ads either on a webpage or mobile devices while visiting your pages.

The chances of these Ads to be seen vary based on several factors. For instance, Ads that are displayed on the top of the page (Above the fold) are more likely to be seen than the ads displayed at the bottom of the webpage (below the fold).

When publishers have high viewability rate, they have the advantage of bidding for higher ad rates since their content is considered high-value inventory which increases advertisers ads the chances of been seen by the publisher’s visitors.

How to measure ad viewability?

Understanding and tracking your Ad viewability as an advertiser has a lot of benefits. One of the benefits is that, it helps you make a better decision about your ad campaign.

The fact is that, more than 65% of advertisers loss big time on their ad campaign because their ads are not seen.

So, it makes sense if advertisers can track their ad viewability and this is how.

How to measure ad viewability: Google considers A display ad viewable if the ad is viewed 50% for at least a minimum of 1 second and 2 seconds for video ads. Similarly, video ads that are viewed 50% playing for two seconds are considered viewable.

Google calls viewable impressions “Active Views”. Ad viewability can be measured and verified using an ad viewability audit tool.

How to increase ad viewability?

It is important for both advertisers and publishers to maximise their ad viewability in order to maximise their ad spent budget and ad revenue as advertisers and publishers respectively.

Here are ways a publisher can increase their viewability rate and their ad revenue.

Place the ads in the right position, sizes and layouts

Some of the best viewable ad sizes are 728×90, 300×250, and 300×600. On the other hand, vertical ad positions such as 120×140, 240×400, 160×160, and 120×600 all make the list of most-viewed ad sizes.

Most ad viewable position
Image credit (thinkwithgoogle)

What makes this ad sizes more effective is the positions they are placed on the webpages. The top ad positions are known to be more effective positions especially when placed right above the fold.

The combination of the position and size simply makes viewability increase by 25% to 40%. Another Ad formats such as vertical ads, sticky ads are known to also increase the viewability of ads because of their size. They stick on as the user scrolls down increasing their viewability.

Average viability rate of above and below the fold
Image credit (thinkwithgoogle)

It is also important to know which ad size you will place above the fold and below the fold as you can see the percentages varies. (68% above the fold and 40% below the fold)

Optimise page load speed

One of the things that prevent your ads from been viewed is the page load time (Page speed). It is important to make sure your pages are loading as fast as possible.

This will help reduce the bounce rate on your website and improve your ad viewability score. When your pages take too long to load complete content including your ads which cause your visitors to leave before the ads are displayed.

Here are some few things you can do to improve your page load speed.

#1. Use Google page insight to test your site speed to see the problems and fix them as recommended by Google Speed insight tool. Once you improve your page speed, you will definitely increase your ad view rate.

Google pagespeed insight
Google Pagespeed insight test result

#2. Optimise your passback. This means reducing the number of ads you have on your page. The more ads you have on your page, the slower it will take those to load, the lesser you have, the faster it will take those to load which will mean an increase in viewability. make sure you have your ads at only in strategic positions on your webpages.

#3. Use the lazyload function. Display your content to your visitors only when it’s in their viewpoint. This will help increase viewability by decreasing the number of impressions served out of your visitor’s viewpoint.

Optimise your website for mobile

Mobile has became a big thing since 2015 when mobile search surpasses desktop. Google lay much emphasises on mobile as the number of mobile activity increase day by day.

Making sure your mobile pages display as fast as possible will have a great impact on your viewability and ad revenue. Apart from that, placing the right ads to fit mobile screens will go a long way in increasing ad viewability.

Here is how you can optimise viewability on mobile.

#1. Place 320×50 ad units with 320×100 unit size. This is considered a large banner for mobile devices and perform best when placed above the fold on the mobile device. Optimising ads on different mobile devices prove to have a significant improvement in your ad viewability.

Sizes that are known to perform best generally are 468×60, 300×600, 970×90, 728×90 and 300×250. While the most viewable ad sizes are the vertical since they stay longer on the page which are, 220×240, 240×400, 160×600 and 120×600.

Viewability rates by ad size
Image credit (thinkwithgoogle)

#2. Place 300×250 ad unit to the mobile website. This is one of the most popular mobile ad sizes and it always has a 100% fillrate since most advertisers and publishers prefer it.

The best place to place 300×250 on mobile devices is below the fold as it has already proven to have high viewability rate.

Industry viewability rates

Viewability rate also varies across industries. This is because of content verticals or content that have the interest of most users. This means that publishers should consider creating content or placing ads that are related to industries with higher viewability rate.

Image credit (thinkwithgoogle)

Here are the top industries with the highest viewability rate (Reference, Online communities, Games, Arts & Entertainment and Jobs & Education). Also, Business & industrial, computers & Electronics, Science, Internet & Telecom, Hobbies & Leisure also made the top list of industries with the highest viewability rate.


Taking the necessary steps to increase ad viewability as a publisher will do a lot of good for your ad revenue. Even though this tactc is not targeted at making more money displaying ads, it will make sure you utilise your ad inventory to the fullest.

Sometimes it might require changing a lot on your website and also testing various ad sizes and ad positions to optimise your viewability potentials. In some case it involves fixing lags or page-level issues that often cause latency, and lastly, optimizing the site by A/B testing or a complete design overhaul.

Lastly, if you are a publisher who have experience high viewability rate, please let us know your best practices so we can let us know in the comment section to help other publishers.

How To Calculate CPM

How To Calculate CPM

In case you are wondering how to calculate CPM as a publisher or an advertiser, you are not alone in the struggle. There are so many advertisers and publishers out there doing the same thing.

The reason is simple and straight forward. On the advertiser’s side, they want to know their potential cost of acquiring or buying a certain number of Ad impressions or how much they are going to spend to get a certain amount of impressions for an advertising campaign.

Publishers, on the other hand, want to know how much they will get paid for selling a certain number of impressions generated from their page views.

So technically, it is very important to calculate your CPM both as a publisher and as an advertiser in order to know your potential cost of advertising.

In this blog post, I will focus on teaching you how to calculate your CPM for your advertising campaign as a publisher and how to calculate your CPM for potential earnings as a publisher.

So let’s get into it…

Defining what is CPM?

CPM (Cost per 1000 Mille) is simply an advertising pricing model which simply means the cost per 1,000 impressions. This is the cost an advertiser pay for buying 1,000 impressions or views per ads.

Also, it represents the amount of money a publisher is paid for selling 1,000 impressions for their advertising space.

Interstitial Ads CPM rates

How to calculate CPM Cost as an advertiser

As a good marketer, it is always good to know the potential ROI on investment before putting in your Ad money. This also applies to your CPM advertising campaign.

As a marketer or company, here is how you suppose to calculate your CPM cost before starting your Ad campaign.

How to calculate cost of advertising as an advertiser

Doing the math

The cost of the advertising campaign is divided by the number of desired impressions and then multiplied by 1,000 to get the cost of advertising (2,500/500,000) x 1000 = $5).

In the above case, the advertiser or the company will have to spend $5 per 1,000 impressions on their ad campaign with a budget of $2,500.

As an advertiser, your CPM will be set by the ad network or a publisher (Blogger or a website owner). It’s only in real cases the advertiser will be given the opportunity to negotiate their CPM rates.

Also, Real-time bidding helps to determine the actual amount you are going to pay for 1,000 impressions. In any case, the formula for calculating your advertising campaign cost is (Total cost of advertising campaign / Desired impression X by 1,000).

How to calculate CPM as a Publisher

As a publisher, you would want to calculate the potential earnings based on your predicted number of impressions per month. Even though the CPM formula is the same, your CPM earnings are calculated a bit different from the way advertisers calculate their cost of CPM rate.

Here is how you need to calculate your potentials earnings considering the ad networks will have to deduct a percentage of your actual earnings.

How to calculate CPM earnings as a publisher

Your CPM earnings solely depend on the number of impressions generated per month from your website or blog. In the above case, we assume the publisher’s blog or website is able to generate 500,000 impressions per month.

If you are selling your ad inventory directly to advertisers, you will set your CPM rate and asked advertisers to pay which will earn you all the income.

In case you sign-up with an Ad network, you will have the advantage of having 100% fill rates but will also have to forfeit some percentage of the revenue to the ad network.

Make money blogging
Make money blogging

Our Ad Network (AdsTargets) for example pays publishers from 80% to about 85% of the revenue generated from the advertiser’s income to ensure the publisher’s revenue is maximised.

CPM Calculator

To make things easy for our both advertisers and publishers, we have created a CPM Calculator for easy calculation of your CPM cost and CPM earnings for advertisers and publishers respectively.

How to Maximise your CPM Campaign

To maximise your CPM campaign, you need to consider putting some strategies to use. Strategies that will enhance the performance of your campaigns and yield the maximum ROI for your CPM advertising campaign.

Of course, there are some factors that influence these outcomes such as the demographics of your audience, the ad network, and the cost of your campaign all will have a significant effect on the visibility of your ad campaign.

Here are a few things you need to do

  • Do audience research to determine the size and specific target audience
  • Choose your advertising platform carefully
  • Consistently optimise your ad campaign
  • Evaluate your campaign periodically to check to ensure your ROI is maximised
  • Adjust your target audience demographic periodically when needed.

All these efforts to optimise your ad campaign ensures your ad budget is channelled only to what is working minimising lost and maximising your advertising ROI.

Platforms such as Google Ads will recommend adjusting your campaign almost every day to ensure your campaign achieve a good quality score.


Calculating your CPM cost and the potential earnings will always put you in a better position to know how much your campaign will gain or rather profit compare to what you are going to spend.

This will not only lead to better decisions making but will help you maximise your entire business profit as a company.

Publishers will also make more money if they are able to estimate their potential earnings while comparing ad networks and their potential number of impressions.

If you have ever done your CPM calculations before or during your campaigns, let us know how it has impacted your advertising campaign in the comment section.

Ultimate List Of Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers

Ultimate List Of Best CPM Ad Networks for Publishers

I guess the reason why you are here reading this post right now is that you want to earn passive income by showing CPM Ads on your blog or website. It is undeniable fact that publishers these days are making tens of thousands through some of the best CPM ad networks.

This is reasonable considering the number of hours must publishers put in researching and writing quality content. Ultimately, the price for such awesome hard work is creating a stream of income that pays you every month while you concentrate on writing and marketing your content.

Also, relying on Google AdSense alone is just like putting all your eggs in one basket. The moment the basket is dropped by accident, all your eggs will be broken and you will be left with nothing.

Due to such uncertainties, it will be good if you as a publisher will have alternative CPM Ad networks to either use simultaneously with Google AdSense or even combine one or two similar ad networks to earn better income publishing ads on your website or blog.

Another important thing you need to know is this, publishers that make money by publishing ads through PPC ad networks or publishing PPC Ads are publishers with high levels of traffic.

It is more profitable for smaller publishers to increase their revenue by publishing CPM Ads simply because they are paid based on the number of impressions they offer. The equation is simple, you get paid each time you have a thousand impression, for example, 1000 impression may = $5.

This means you get paid each time your visitors view your pages up to 1000 times even if they don’t click on the Ads on your pages.

Now that you have an understanding of why you should publish CPM Ads, here are some of the best paying CPM ad networks you can choose from.

Best paying CPM ad networks


If you have intentions of publishing CPM Ads to increase your revenue as a publisher, you might want to try a new ad network like ours and compare your revenue to others.

AdsTarget allows publishers to monetise their traffic with CPM Ads to increase their revenue.

Make money blogging
Start here

AdsTargets has a great vertical to suit your publishing demand especially if you have a reasonable amount of traffic to monetise.

The payment system here is straight forward and simple. CPM ranges from $1 to $4 per 1000 impressions. You will be able to withdraw your funds daily as far as you have up to $35 in your publisher account.

Payments are done through Paypal and wire transfer, the best of it all is that we pay publishers more than 80% of the ad revenue.

Propeller Ads

This is another great way to make money publishing CPM ads. Propeller Ads even have higher eCPM compare to AdSense and is believed to welcome publishers from all over the globe.

It presents an easy opportunity for small publishers also to join the ad network and increase their revenue.

They offer all kind of Ads such as Standard banner display ads, Interstitials, Popunder ads, dialog ads and Text ads. They are mostly seen on streaming and download websites

Just like every other advertising networks, you will be able to make more money if you do very well based on GEOs such as the U.S and U.K.

Propeller CPM Rates

$0.50 to $1.00 offers most of the blog/websites. File sharing websites are paid about $1.50 CPM.


  • It’s very easy to join.
  • They offer real-time reporting.
  • They pay about 80% of the revenue to the publishers.
  • Payment methods are:– Wire Transfer, Payoneer.


  • Because of the Popunder and interstitial ads, your visitors may not like it which will increase your bounce rates.
  • They don’t support payment through PayPal.

Adsterra Top CPM Ad Network

This is another leading CPM ad network for both advertisers and publishers. It works in over 190 countries, they have over 22 billion ad impressions every month, more than 50K ad campaigns and over 10K leads monthly.

Adsterra Network

Adsterra is one of the fastest-growing CPM Ad network for publishers. They offer a variety of ads such as Pop-under ads, traditional banner display ads, slider ads and both for desktop and mobile publishers.

Adsterra Network offers a lot of publishing options for publishers while at the same time it’s a great ad network for media buyers.

AdPushup CPM Ad Network

AdPushup proud itself as a unique ad network that helps publishers optimise their ad stack using machine learning.

They have a platform that creates better ad layouts using A/B testing, set up high-yield ad formats, reduce-page load time, provide premium demand, Adblock revenue recovery, and header bidding, with in-depth reporting.

AdPushup Product features

Adpushup has great product features to enhance publishers monetisation such as seen above. It truly has helped a lot of publishers to increase their earnings while they focus on creating their content.


RevenueHits is another precious and top CPM ad network for publishers across the globe. They have over 20,000 publishers across the world that utilises their platform

RevenueHits Ad type

publishers can choose from various ads to monetise their traffic as shown in the above image. They do not limit their monetisation by CPM but also PPC advertising.

Here are some of the benefits for publishers that choose to work with RevenueHits.

RevenueHits benefits

  • Competitive Rates
  • On-time payouts
  • 100% Fill Rate. Guaranteed
  • Compliance
  • Full Control & 24/7 Monitoring.
  • Advanced Technology Tool for Adblock monetization
  • Great Service


Adcash is another great platform that offers publishers all kind of ads format with high eCPM and flexible working with different languages with worldwide coverage.

AdCash for Publishers

Just like other media platforms, it also offers both advertisers and publisher to sell and buy media using CPC and CPM pricing models.

They promise a 100% fill rate with native ads, pop-under, display ads and interstitials also across all devices.

Adcash ad types

HillTop Ads

Recently making waves in the advertising industry. Hilltop ads offer publishers a wide range of advertising formats to choose from such as native ads, video ads, push notifications, Pops, direct links and display banners.

Though their prefered regions are the US and UK for traffic, they accept publishers all over the world. Apart from choosing from a variety of ad formats, you can also choose to monetise your web traffic or mobile traffic with a 30% more effective monetisation according to them.

They welcome all niches and pay publishers through Bitcoin, ePayments, Webmoney, Wire, ePayService, and Paxum.

HillTOp Ads ad network features

Their platform is friendly and packed with great features. See above for all the great features you could enjoy from HillTop Ads. Popular CPM Ad Network

This is probably one of the most popular and the best performings CPM Ad network around today with a massive number of advertisers across the globe but mostly in North American countries. Canada and the US alone takes over 79% of their media market. run the largest contextual ads from Yahoo/Bing Ads while their platform helps their old publishers maximise their monetisation revenue with high CPMs.

They run all kind of ads such as native ads, contextual ads and display banner ads. CPM Ad Network for publishers

To be approved by their Ad network, they demand their publishers to have quality content while updating them without intellectual property violation during the time of partnership. CPM Rates

Their rates range between $1 to $1.5 CPM while niches such as car loan, health insurance, mortgage, and credit loan are known to perform better.


  • Publishers are offered a Personal Account Managers.
  • Immediate Payment once it reached a threshold of $100.
  • Payment via Wire Transfer, PayPal.
  • Customer support is good.


  • Publishers are expected to have the majority of their traffic from tier-1 countries (US, UK, Canada).


This works great for publishers with massive traffic and wants to monetise their traffic. Amobee have been internationally accepted ad network for helping publishers to earn while working on their content

As a publisher, you can monetise your ad inventory to earn money Amobee various verticals mostly in mobile entertainment and communication channels such as messages, videos, games and music and messages.


This is another CPM media buying platforms that offer native ads for publishers willing to publish ads on their niche blogs. It’s is allows both publishers and advertisers to work together for mutual benefits.

The limitations for publishers especially small publishers with small less than 50,000 visitors to your website. Apart from that, you must be able to generate 50% of your traffic from the US.

While their ad format covers videos, rich media ads for publishers to monetise with, they also promise a 100% fill rate to ensure publishers maximise their earnings.

Their technology has exceptional ad delivery system that helps track and target ads to users to improve targeting and engagement. It simply a good choice to consider if you are a niche blogger.

Formally known as RadiumOne has a wide range of CPM media for publishers. They offer great integrations, mobile SDK and demand that makes a difference.


  • 100% demands and Ad formats available.
  • Pays high CPM rates.
  • Timely pay through PayPal and Wire.
  • RTB-based buying and selling.


  • Their threshold is $100.
  • Net60 payment cycle.
  • Publishers are required to have 5000 unique visitors per month to join the network.
Best CPM Ad Networks for publishers

AdBlade Network

Here is an innovative content style monetisation solution for publishers with high chances of increasing your revenue while monetising your traffic with them.

AdBlade pays high CPM rates as they claim to attract quality advertisers all over the globe. It is one of the ad networks that work well with many premium publishers.

They also run other ads formats to ensure you always have ads to keep your earnings on all the time. The downside for most publishers is that they only accept publishers with a minimum of 500.000 monthly visits.

Here are some of the good things about it.


  • AdBlade ads can run simultaneously with AdSense and others.
  • Unique content Ad formats.
  • High-quality ads.
  • High CPM rate of about $2 and even more for tier 1 country traffic


  • Very low acceptance rate.
  • The minimum threshold is $100.

If you have a lot of traffic to monetise, you will consider trying AdBlade.


Here is another easy to join an ad network for publishers across the globe. BuuySellAds does not have minimum entry requirement for publishers in terms of traffic per month.

It makes it easy for publishers to join the ad network and increase their revenue while monetising with ad impressions. Their system is more of a connection platform that allows, advertisers, to choose their publishers right within the platform.

The process of matching niche publishers enable advertisers to target their ads to the right audience while at the same time providing quality ads to publishers. It is simply perfect for new bloggers.

They also run all ads types and on both devices (Desktop and mobile). Their average CPM is around $0.75 while it hovers from $.20 to $2.25


  • Relevant, quality, and targeted ads.
  • The minimum payment threshold for Paypal is $20
  • Fast payment (Within 3 days max)


  • Prices are non-negotiable
  • They take 25% of your revenue, which a bit higher the market standard (20%).


This is considered one of the best AdSense alternative ad networks for publishers that uses one of the most innovative ad technology to increase CPM rates for publishers in realtime.

Due to these innovative machines used by Adbuff, publishers are truly given the opportunity to increase their earnings while monetising with the Ad Network.

Adbuff AdSense alternative

Because advertisers are also allowed bid for inventory in real-time, they pay slightly high which also enable publishers to make more money with the platform.

As a publisher, you stand a high chance of earning high rates of CPM ranging from $0.50 to $3.


  • 100% fill rate for CPM and CPC basis.
  • Share 90% of advertisers revenue.
  • A highly advanced Real-time dashboard for real-time reports.
  • Assign a personal account manager for every publisher.
  • Sign-up bonus and higher CPMs.
  • As they accept publishers with original content and tier-1 traffic, ads are expected to be relevant and verified.


  • Just a minimum of 2000 unique visitors per day
  • Payment threshold is $45 and can be withdrawn anytime.

AdMaven High Paying CPM Ad Network

AdMaven is one of the most popular ad networks for publishers and used by many publishers as an alternative for AdSense. It is also known for paying high CPM rates for premium publishers with tiar countries traffic.

While AdMaven offers many ad types, they pay more for interstitials and push notifications. They have over 260 million users globally generating over 5 billion impressions daily.

Verizon media (Formerly One By AOL and

Another great name in the advertising and publishing industry. Although the company has been transferred severally to other companies, they still maintain their market share and expanding its service base and locations.

It is one of the highest paying CPM ad networks for premium publishers while also considered one of the most popular and top CPM media platform for both advertisers and publishers.

Verizon media have great tools for publishers to maximise their income while using tools such as BrightRoll, ONE and Yahoo Gemini to enable publishers to achieve their goals and set new challenges.

They offer a wide range of advertising products to enable you to achieve a 100% fill rate. You will found out they have one of the lowest payment thresholds as low as $25. However, the chances of been accepted are very low as they require a minimum of 500k visits per month.


Another big name in the advertising industry. Criteo has made its name stand out among CPM ad networks and has been on the rise for the past 5 years.

It uses great tools to generate reasonable revenue for their advertisers due to its innovative targeting tools. At the same time, their publishers are able to enjoy high CPM rates hence advertisers are able to pay high rates for quality traffic.

Criteo products

Criteo has an amazing list of products to favour both advertisers and publishers while at the same time they partner with great ad networks to increase value and revenue for their clients.


As a publisher, you will have the opportunity to tap into one of the best traffic monetising sources to increase your revenue. ExoClick is one of the fastest-growing ad networks for advertisers and publishers.

It hits 7 billion daily impressions in 2019 and expected to grow more in the coming years making it one of the most promising CPM ad network for publishers across the world.

You can become part of their 65,000 webs and mobile publishing platform. ExoClick’s proprietary software offers more than 20 different ad formats, optimized targeting and behavioural retargeting to increase advertisers ROI on their campaigns while at the same time making the most money for publishers.

As a publisher, you can give it a try and see what comes out of it.


As a small publisher, this might be one of your best options to publish CPM Ads via UberCPM. Even though this ad network is one of the fastest-growing CPM ad networks for publishers, they still maintain a very flexible joining system

UberCPM accepts publishers with no minimum traffic requirement which means it doesn’t matter how small your traffic size is, you will be accepted as a publisher here.

Another good feature from them is that they pay publishers about 80% of the ad revenue from advertisers while they keep only 20%.

There are many downsides to this ad network and two most prominent are low CPM rates especially from tier 2 and tier 3 countries while tiar 1 countries average is $1.

Also, most of their ads are irrelevant which means it does not work great for niche publishers.


  • No minimum traffic requirements.
  • Monthly payout through PayPal.
  • Real-Time Statistics and Reports.


  • The ads are irrelevant.
  • CPMs are comparatively lower.
  • Slower ad loads.

In case you are a beginner and have a very low traffic, you can give it a try cause you got nothing much to lose.


As listed above, you are free to take your time and try each of the ad networks and decide which one works best for you or make you the most money.

Since there are many CPM Ad networks across the world, you might be missing a lot if you just stick with one and never explore others. use this list as a tool to make the most out of your traffic.

You are free to always return here as we will always update this list to help publisher sell their traffic more profitable as they deserve to.

Let us also know in the comment section your taught about this list.

Best ways to monetise your blog traffic

Best ways to monetise your blog traffic

There are several ways you can monetise your blog traffic. The fact is there are too many confusing articles out there which makes it very difficult for small publishers and site owners to understand.

This means that new bloggers have a lot of information on their hands but can’t make use of it.

In this post, we decided to evaluate the best ways you can monetise your traffic as a small publisher and make the best out of it.

How to promote your blog content

Promoting your blog is an important task. You can’t do otherwise: for getting good results you must work on different fronts. But at first, you have to remember to always show what you’re good at.

  • You just need to follow some essential steps:
  • To publish quality contents constantly: your audience has to be interested in what you’re talking about.
  • To moderate spam with serenity: Its always better to remove all spammy comments and content linking to your blog in order to get better rankings in search engines as well as improved user experience.
  • To get more and more visibility.
Ways to improve blog content marketing

How to increase your blog traffic

There are several ways you can increase your blog traffic before thinking on how to monetise your blog traffic. Most of them require hard work and constituency which lead to actual results of organic traffic.

Increase your blog traffic

As you might have heard or known, organic traffic is one of the most important traffic as it very targeted. getting organic traffic requires not just writing quality blog content but also optimising your content according to search engine requirements.

That’s where search engine optimisation practices come in. If you are interested in boosting your organic traffic, here is a great post that teaches you all you need to know about Blog SEO.

Read full post: Blog SEO Tips that can boost your traffic

Other ways to boost your blog traffic include social media marketing. Using platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Tailwind will increase your traffic dramatically.

However, all the above mentioned social media platforms have a lot in common except for TailWind. The different thing you can’t find in these other social media platforms is the TRIBE feature you can get in Tailwind.

Tailwind tribe is a powerful tool that allows you to join niche related Tribes and share your content and also share other content to increase your visibility.

There are so many special features you can find in the platforms which will definitely have a positive impact on your blogging traffic. My advice for you is to try and it out and see how effective it is for your blog traffic.

How to improve your blog Search engine optimisation (SEO)

So let’s jump into…

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monetise your blog traffic with Ads

There are several Ad types you can use to monetise your blog traffic, however, the most used and the most profitable ways are the pay-per-click also known as PPC and CPM which is paid by 1000 impressions. CPM or CPA.

These types of Ads are straight forward unlike other Ad types, publishers are paid based on the number of clicks or impressions their traffic is able to generate.

Using all forms of Ads on your website to monetise your traffic will generally increase your income especially when done the right way. The right way here means, putting Ads in strategic places in your blog pages and at strategic positions.

Pay per click Ads

The pay-per-click campaign is one of the most widely used types of advertising on blogs or websites. With this system, you get paid any time someone clicks on an ad. For example: if someone visits your website and clicks on an ad that is displayed on your webpage, you earn money.

The amount you receive varies based on several factors but can vary from a few cents to several dollars per click or a thousand impressions or views. In most systems, the amount you earn is determined by how much the advertising company is paying for space.

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If you are already wondering which system to use to make money with Pay-per-click or CPM advertising, AdsTargets offers you all the Ad formats you need to increase your revenue as a blogger.

To register as a publisher at AdsTargets and start making money, please register here:

Make money blogging
Make money blogging

Another publisher’s ad network is Google AdSense, It’s a very popular advertising service offered by Google. Thanks to it, you can start earning money by placing automatic advertisements on your blog.

There is no activation fee and you will be paid for every view or click made on the ads by site visitors. 

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

Another great way to monetise your blog traffic using display Ads is to do it using CPM Ads. Some online marketing companies offer pay-per-impression platforms. With this system, you are paid every time the advertisement is displayed on your site. 

If someone visits your website and sees the ad, you earn, even if the ad is not clicked. Most of the time, the amount collected is counted for every thousand impressions of the ad. 
If you then display ads on multiple pages or use multiple banners, this figure increases accordingly. That’s how they earn news sites, have you ever thought about it?

To monetise with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very simple concept:
There are many affiliate programs out there that allow publishers to make money by promoting their affiliate links or banners within their web pages and earn a commission one their visitors purchase through those affiliate links.

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Many companies allow anyone who wants to sign up for their affiliate programs where you can get an affiliate link for each product on the portal.

These links can be published on your blog or on your social profiles and, if someone clicks and buys something, you are paid 10% commission on the amount paid by the user.

Earning with affiliate marketing means earning money by promoting the products of others.
The important thing is to choose products in line with your niche and quality, and those ones your audience needs.

Asking for donations

Many bloggers ask their readers for a donation to keep the blog alive. It is very easy to insert them directly on your site, to allow the aficionados to contribute to the quality content you are publishing.

When you are doing a great job, your blog readers will feel the need to buy you some coffee. That won’t just happen if you don’s ask for it. Don’t be shy, ask your readers to buy you a cup of coffee and they will especially if they value your content.

Asking for donations in your blog

monetise your blog traffic as an influencer

Here is when influencer marketing comes in. It takes time though but once you are this point, you can do wonders. So what are talking about here…

Let me break it down for you.

Once you are able to have a lot of traffic and possibly become a famous blogger in your niche, you have the ability to control a large audience as many of your readers will become your follows on social media platforms.

Using social media could be a great way to monetise your blog traffic, we are talking about Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. You can actually charge businesses to advertise their product and services. Businesses are making it big these days by selling through influencer marketing.

Once you reach fame with your blog, you can convince your users to follow you on Instagram to increase your notoriety and your followers so that you can then contact companies related to your business that need to advertise their products, acting as influencers.

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However, As I mentioned, you need to work hard for you to get famous before venturing into influencer marketing.

Create products and services

These days you don’t actually need to be a genius or a programmer to create APPs, Plugins or other web applications, you can actually hire a programmer to create anything you want for a token.

Cheap Banner advertising
Cheap online advertising

What you need to do is to figure out a good product or service that solve problems for digital marketers. Once you are able to figure out what you want, you can start messaging freelancers on and explaining your idea.

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Once you are done creating your product or service, you can add that to your blog and start marketing it. The best way you can market it is to create explanatory videos and write a tone of blogs about it.

This way of monetising your blog traffic has a significant impact on your income and general online growth as a blogger.

Digital marketing products

Once people start noticing your product, you will start selling and making money especially when it solves problems for businesses.

Again, if you know how to program or have some programming skills, you can create free WordPress plugins. In this case, obviously, your income will be indirect, but I can guarantee you that, once your plugin is approved and appears in the directory, you will get excellent links and lots of traffic that will allow you to improve (so much) the positioning of your blog, and consequently to increase the earnings of your blog.


Were some valuable advice for bloggers if you are looking for ways to monetise your blog traffic

The first step is to not think about monetizing. You, who are reading this article, you are starting badly if that one is your first goal because it will come by itself, over the years. Invest today to see results in 2-3 years. And to “invest” I mean just thinking about creating quality content. You need value creation at the centre of your strategy. Always.

How to determine advertising cost on your Blog

How to determine advertising cost on your Blog

Online advertising cost calculation can be tricky even for online advertising experts.

It seems many ad publishers are finding it difficult to figure out how they should price their ads, here is the question I got this morning from a blogger “How do you determine a fair price for an ad on your website

My answer to this questions goes like this…

First of all, this was a great online advertising question which most bloggers or people willing to sell their traffic should be asking. Online advertising is always are tricky business both for online advertisers and Ad publishers.

It is even harder for Ad publishers to determine advertising cost that will be considered fair for them and to those buying the traffic. Publishers have become aware of the potentials online advertising has and want to take good advantage and the opportunities it presents by converting their Blogs or websites to Ad sites

When I received this question on Quora, I decided to answer in more details to help others understand how they can determine advertising cost on their Ad sites so it will be fair for both parties.

Here are the few but very important things you need to consider when asking for advertising cost on your blog or website.

The indicators to evaluate a fair price for ads on your website or blog should be as follows

Online advertising cost

If you have good traffic and want to monetize your traffic for a fairly high price, Use these tips and indicators to determine your advertising cost.

Eugene Agoh


This means your traffic source by geographical location, If you have a good amount of traffic from specific locations lets say the USA, The UK, Canada, Germany or other regions that are considered as high-value traffic zones.

You should be able to charge a bit higher than someone that has traffic that is coming from other GEOs such as Vietnam or Nigeria. This is because traffic from these sources has higher conversion rates period.

The secret you should know is that All the big advertising giants like Google, Facebook, Bing, and many other Ad Networks charge higher ad prices for clicks and impressions coming from those GEOs.

On the other hand, they also pay publishers higher for clicks and impressions for their traffic coming from those GEOs.

So, GEOs are very important when it comes to determining the cost of advertising on your Ad website or Blog.


If your website or Blog has traffic that is coming from a targeted source from people with interest in a particular niche you may consider charging a fairly higher price for your ads.

This is because this type of traffic will have a higher rate of conversion and more advertisers would want to advertise on your website or blog especially if the niche is selling very well.

The perfect example of this maybe Sports traffic. If you have massive sport traffic on your website, you should understand most advertisers within this niche will be willing to pay a higher price for your traffic in most cases.

The Click Through Rate (CTR)

This is the Click through rate, You will have to try advertising your own product to ascertain the Ctr of those ads and then make your decision based on that too.

If your ads display on your website or Blog has a very high click-through rate, you should consider it as a good indicator and work with it.

What I mean by this is, Ads with high Click Through Rate are considered to be a positive sign as it shows such ads are seen by the highly targeted audience which most often leads to higher sales or conversions

The source of your traffic 

The source of your traffic may also play a key role in determining the cost of advertising on your website and by traffic source, I mean where the majority of your traffic is coming from e.g Organic traffic from search engines, Social media traffic, Traffic from email marketing etc.

Of all those traffic sources, Organic traffic may be the most unique and profitable traffic source anyone can ever get online.

If you spent a lot of time doing quality SEO and at the end, you have great results, you can consider looking at the keywords you rank very on and charge approximately what Google is charging for those keywords.

That way, you will fully optimize your profit many year or months of search engine optimization you have been doing.

The Type of Ads

Now, this is where the Ad price varies. Depending on your advertising technology, If you have potentials for interstitial Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads or even In-App ads, You should set the price based on these features.

You may consider charging more Interstitials ads these Ad types have the ability to capture audience attention more than another Ad type. You may also consider asking for a higher amount on larger banners and Text Ads depending on their appearance on your website.

The Advertising space

Here you should basically consider asking for a price based on the space they cover and the position those Ads are placed on your website.

Ads that appear on the top of your website should be charged differently because your visitors are more likely to see those ads before other content on your website.

The Cost of advertising broken down in the infographic.

Haven’t had those points, I would want us to take a look at the cost of advertising as distributed nationwide. This price is broken down to give you an approximate figure spent on advertising.

It will also help you figure out how much you can possibly charge for advertising based on your niche audience size.

The Cost of Advertising Nationally Broken Down by Medium


I hope these indicators will help you make a good decision determining how much you can charge for advertising on your blog 🙂

Good luck with online advertising

How to Choose The Best PPC Ad Network for Publishers

How to Choose The Best PPC Ad Network for Publishers

Pay per click Ad network also knowns as PPC ad network or PPC advertising Networks are all online ad networks used by both publishers and advertisers around the world for buying and selling traffic.

Some of the CPC advertising networks also implement other advertising bidding systems such as CPM which is the cost per 1000 impressions which is preferred by a lot of publishers.

Some advertisers and publishers these days are so interested in CPM Ads which is seen in the rise of CPM advertising and on the Publishers side demanding more CPM Ads for monetizing.

The questing which is always asked by publishers and advertisers most often is, What is the best PPC Ad Network?

This question should not be complicated at all but in reality, It is somehow complicated. The reason is, it depends on who is asking this question (Advertiser or Publisher).

In this post, we want to address this question by taking into account the person asking this question is a publisher who’s main goal is to monetize his or her Blog or Website’s traffic.

So let’s get on it…

What is the best PPC Ad Network for Publishers?

The best PPC Ad network for publishers can be categorized by the following qualities

High paying PPC Ad Network: Ad networks that pay publishers high PPC rates should be every publisher’s target.

This is because most publisher’s primary objective is to make money blogging which means they need PPC Ad networks that are not so greedy but also understand that publishers need to be paid fairly and decent commissions.

Some of the top advertising networks in most cases are not the highest paying advertising networks which make them top advertising networks in terms of size, the share of the market and revenue.

Sometimes the top advertising networks may be the ones in your country or the ones that serve PPC or CPM Ad within your geographical location.

Since we are more concern about the PPC Ad Network for publishers in this blog post, here are few PPC Ad Networks that pay high PPC rates.

  2. AdsTargets
  3. Google AdSense
  4. RevContent
  5. Propeller Ads
  6. Amazon products Ads

The above Ad networks are known to be the among the best PPC Ad Networks for publishers. Even though some of them have different requirements of accepting publishers, you can still give it a try by trying them out.

PPC Ad Network

How to choose the best PPC Ad Networks for publishers?

As a publisher, making this choice is sometimes not easy. However, there are few things to consider when choosing a PPC Ad Network to monetize your traffic. The ideal PPC Ad Network should be able to accommodate your Blog or website traffic and accept you as a publisher. that’s the first thing you should consider before even signup.

First, ask your self, will they accept the quality of my traffic. This question is important because as you know, not all PPC Ad networks will accept all publishers. Sometimes, it’s because of the quality of your traffic, your content and content language and in most cases the amount of traffic you have coming to your Blog or website daily.

Here are few questions and things you should know and about the PPC Ad Network you are signing up for

  • How much traffic will be acceptable for the PPC Ad Network?
  • Does your content match their requirements?
  • How much do they pay for PPC Ads?
  • How much their payment threshold?
  • Do the PPC Ad Network support your payment system (Paypal, Wire transfer etc)
  • The reputation of the PPC Ad Network

If you can answer YES or give thumbs up for all the above questions, then you should consider such PPC Ad Network as your best choice.

What publishers need to know about online advertising network payments

The online advertising network is also known as an online ad network or Networks is simply other advertising businesses looking to connect advertisers with publishers for easy advertising and monetizing purposes.

An online advertising network or Networks care about creating the bridge needed by both parties both to sell and buy traffic also they care about the growth of their business.

An online advertising network makes money when advertisers pay and create ads which are then shared on publishers websites and blogs.

the revenue generated here is shared among the online advertising network and the publisher. However, this is where the online advertising network has the power to decide how much commision it shares with the publishers.

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For publishers, it is very important for them to make money which makes sense for them to join an online advertising network that at least pays high commissions. the truth of the matter is that, without the publishers, an online advertising network won’t be able to make money that much so it should be willing to pay publishers high rates so they can stay for the benefit of both parties.

Even though the online advertising network has a lot of costs to take care of such as administrative cost, employees, server maintenance and all that, it should still be able to fairly pay publishers. This is one of the primary goals of AdsTargets.

We at AdsTargets, we hope to be the highest paying Ad Network for publishers worldwide and we are working hard to achieve this goal.

What publishers need to know about CPM advertising and PPC Advertising

Publishers, as well as advertisers, need to understand what is CPM advertising and PPC Advertising before venturing into to start both CPM advertising and PPC advertising.

The simple explanation for these two advertising terms are simply the differences that exist between their pricing models. For CPM advertising, the advertiser is charged a certain amount of money, for example, $4 per 1000 unique views or impressions. At the same time, the publisher that choose to monetize with CPM advertising is also paid per 1000 impressions or views a certain amount, for example, $4.

For PPC advertising, the advertiser is charged per each click a certain amount, let’s say for example $0.5 per click, the same applies to a publisher that choose to monetize through PPC pricing model, they are paid per each click that comes from their traffic. That’s simply how CPM advertising and PPC advertising works for both publishers and advertisers.

Ad networks for advertisers

Even though this post is more about publishers, advertisers are also advertiser to scrutinize the so-called ad networks for advertisers before signing up for advertising.

There are a lot of ad networks for advertisers for advertisers out there that claim to have all the best and up to date features while is not true in most of the cases.

Our advice here is simple and targeted specifically for advertisers, Be aware of the Ad Network for advertisers you choose to join and entrust your advertising to them.


As a publisher, we hope this will guide you in making the right decision when it comes to choosing an Ad Network to monetize your traffic. It is imperative you consider asking your self those questions we raise above in the article.

Again, If you are happy with your current Ad Network, please we will be happy to hear your story in the comment section of this post.

Good luck with Ad publishing

Top Adsense alternative Ad Networks for Publishers

Top Adsense alternative Ad Networks for Publishers

Adsense alternative ad networks for publishers are many nowadays. Publishers search the web every day looking for Google Adsense alternatives in order to monetize their traffic. However, a simple search could return millions of results for keywords such as “Best Adsense alternative ad network”. “Alternative Ad networks to Google Adsense”.

This doesn’t only get publishers confused but also lead them to make a horrible decision when deciding on which Adsense alternative ad network to choose.

What makes it even more difficult is because most of those Adsense alternative claim to be high paying AdSense alternatives which in most cases they are not what they represent. 

As new Ad Networks come on board every year, most of them struggle to get publisher’s attention which leads to a false representation of their brands.

To make things easy for publishers and also present them from falling into the wrong hands, we craft this post while suggestion the best options they can choose from starting from AdsTargets. 

Adsense alternative ad network

Adsense alternative ad network

In this post, we spent some time comparing among the top Adsense alternative Ad Networks for publishers. We simplify things for your decision-making process. so… stay with us on this and trust us you will be happy you found this blog post.

Let’s jump into it…

1. AdsTargets Ad Network for publishers

Many of you might think why AdsTargets comes first on our list. You are right to think that way cause AdsTargets is relatively new and not as large as other Adsense alternatives. our reason is simple.

AdsTargets Ad Network made our number one list because AdsTarget runs virtually the same Ads types run by Google Adsense.

Apart from Ads, AdsTarget made things easy for publishers to register and start showing ads on their website and blogs. 

AdsTargets has a powerful advertising technology that enables advertisers across the globe to advertise on a hassle-free advertising platform while those Ads are served on publishers all over the world making them money like never before seen in the history of monetizing.

AdsTargets Ad Network alternative to Adsense

AdsTargets Ad Network for Publishers

AdsTargets geographical coverage

AdsTargets accepts publishers all over the world. Adstargets do not have though requirements for accepting publishers like other Ads Networks which makes it easy for publishers to be accepted. this is another winning feature to be compared with Google Adsense.

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AdsTargets requirement for content

As a publisher, your content plays a vital role in being accepted by AdsTargets. Your website or blog will not be accepted if your content is about or have some potion of violence, drugs, racism and any form of illegal activities and discrimination. For more information on that, refer to Publisher terms during application for more details. Website and blog with such content will not be approved by AdsTargets.

AdsTargets threshold and Adsense Threshold

Another factor that differentiates Adstargets and Adsense is their threshold, AdsTargets threshold is only $35 which makes it another Adsense alternative ad network for publishers. On the other hand, Google Adsense threshold is $100 which take very long for most publishers to reach that point.

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AdsTargets Pricing model and Adsense Pricing model comparison 

AdsTargets and Adsense pricing models are similar. Both Ad Networks pays their publishers based on Cost per click (CPC) and known ad Pay per click (PPC) and CPM which is a cost per 1000 impressions. We will cover how these pricing models are calculated in details in our next post.

AdsTargets and Adsense both pay higher for clicks and impressions that come from certain geographical areas or countries such as the USA, The UK, Germany etc.

This is basically because of the click value that comes with those clicks. Also, Adstargets pay better commissions if the clicks come from the advertiser’s target location.  

AdsTargets Ad Units / Ad inventory 

AdsTargets allows publishers to monetize with Banner Ads, Text Ads, Interstitials also known as Full-screen Ads, In-App Ads also on both Desktop and mobile devices. As a publisher, you will be able to make money within the first few weeks of monetizing your website or blog with AdsTargets.  

2. Ad Network comes number two on our list of Adsense alternative ad networks which makes a lot of sense and here is why… is powered by Yahoo and Bing and controls a reasonable amount of the advertising industry. have one of the most advanced advertising technologies, it is one of the leading contextual advertising and monetizing platform in the market today. Adsense alternative ad network

the company has grown to employ over 1300 employees according to their latest figures shown on their about page. Their operations spread through America mostly the USA and Canada, Asia and Europe.

However, their traffic distribution by Ad Spend/Revenues in 2018 mostly comes from the USA with 90%, 5% in the UK and Canada while the rest of the world takes the last 5%. Of these, mobile takes 62% and desktop 32% by devices. net is known for contextual ads, Native Ads which they run on desktop and mobile devices, they also run banner Ads and Interstitials also known as full-screen Ads. Their inventory is very similar to Google Adsense and AdMob which make it an Adsense alternative Ad networks for publishers. Payment threshold is also $100 similar to Google Adsense. These similarities make a top Adsense alternative ad network for publishers around the world.

In general, has almost everything you can get from Google Adsense.

Most publishers are okay with their payments terms and they usually pay through Paypal and Wire-transfers while Google Ad sense does not use Paypal at all in paying publishers.

3. PropellerAds Media

PropellerAds made our list of Adsense alternative ad networks for publishers. Let’s break it down for you…

The Ad network started in 2011 and has grown so fast and so big over the last few years. Even though they might not have a similar business model like Google Adsense, they have served as a great alternative for publishers and in some cases pay higher CPMs for publishers. In figures, PropellerAds have over 5000 publishers, 4600 Ads Campaigns, about 700,000 Ads impressions daily, about 8600 leads monthly.

The Ad Network offers a multi-channel advertising solution such as Display ads, video ads, mobile ads, and in-app across desktop and mobile devices. Their advertising technology also offers great customization possibilities for both advertisers and publishers.

PropellerAds Payment methods

PropellerAds pay their publishers through Paypay UDS, Skrill USD, Wire USD, Wire Euro, Webmoney z, Payoneer prepared MasterCard and Payoneer Bank transfer are all payment options you can use as a publisher at PropellerAds.

Here are the most Ad inventory and niches served by propellerAds

Propellerads review

We recommend you check them out here: PropellerAds

4. RevContent

RevContent also made our list of top Adsense alternative ad networks. The reason is simple and we are going to explain why… RevContent is one of the Ad Network all bloggers and content creators should be using side by side with their ad networks.RevContent Review Adsense alternative ad network for publishersRevContent Review

My reason for saying is simply because of their Ad format that comes inform of recommended content that looks like a recommended post from your website.

There is no reasonable reason why a blogger should not give them a try. Make money with RevContent start here  

Another interesting thing about RevContent is, their Ad units are designed to blend with your content in a way your visitors will hardly know its Ad content which also makes a lot of sense as it does not interfere with your audience purpose of visiting your website or Blog. 

RevContent Ad network is simply the largest content recommendation in the market. Their CPMs are considered very high when compared to other Native Ad Networks.  

Make money blogging

Make money blogging

5. PopAds

Here is another cool Adsense alternative ad Network for publishers known as PopAds. This Ad Network is for those publishers that want quick payouts and also love PopUps Ads, Pop under Ads, and other similar ad units. 

PopAds pay their publishers on daily bases as far as they are able to make up to $5 in their accounts. This is the reason why we said its cool for those publishers that want quick cash and get paid every day.

Another cool feature of PopAds is that their approvals are easy and setting up your Ads for the first time takes only a few clicks and you are up and running.

6. AdNow

When it comes to monetising of your content with native ads, you might want to give AdNow a try. This Ad network is completely dedicated to allowing publishers publish native Ads using a widget on their blogs or websites.

It is a cool way of monetising your traffic especially if you are a niche specific blogger or a webmaster that have a lot of traffic to monetise.

Here is AdNow in figures

AdNow is a CPC and CPM native ad network from the U.K but works very well in several countries as shown in the above figures. This makes your chances of been accepted very high as a publisher.

It is also belived that natives ad deliver more CTR rates than the traditional banner and text advertising which may make you wanna give it a try.


As usual, we bring you a great list of Adsense alternative Ad Networks so you won’t have to go around wondering.

This list is based on facts and proven records and is written with the intent of helping you make easy and effective decisions when choosing Adsense alternative ad networks to monetize your content.

Let us know your take on our list in the comment section below.

Review of Top Ad Networks for Publishers

Review of Top Ad Networks for Publishers

Top Ad Networks for publishers are characterized by their track records and how satisfied publishers are working with them. There are hundreds of Ad Networks for publishers in every corner of the globe.

The number of Ad networks for publishers has skyrocketed in the past ten years. These Ad Networks have however used different Ad formats and different payment and pricing models with specific requirements for publishers.

The differences that exist among these Ad networks makes it difficult for some publishers to be accepted. In most cases, publishers are rejected because they do not meet the requirements of those Ad Networks or simply apply to the wrong Ad networks.

Understanding these problems, we decided to review the top Ad networks for publishers including their pricing models and other valuable information to help you make the right choices when choosing an Ad network to monetize your traffic.

Our review of Top Ad Networks for publishers

Now let’s begin the listing work…

1. Google Adsense Ad Network 

I guess it won’t surprise anyone that Google AdSense makes number one on our list of Ad Network for publishers. Google AdSense is known to be the largest and probably the best Ad Network for publishers around the world.

With a massive number of publishers, the Ad Network is run and managed by Google which uses pay per click (PPC) and per-Impression (CPM) pricing model to pay publishers. 

Google Adsense
Google Adsense has almost all Ad types which enable publishers to create Display Ads, Matched content Ads, Responsive Ads, Link rich Unit, Text Ads, Video Ads all in a customizable format and also responsive.

With these capabilities, Adsense did not only manage to become the world most loved Ad network for publishers but also one of the best performing among Ad networks for publishers. see the top performing countries for AdSense below

Getting approved by Google Adsense 

One of the most asked questions about Google AdSense is how to get approved by AdSense? It seems to many that getting your website or Blog approved is very difficult which is not necessarily true. Of course, all high standard services have principles and guidelines which applies to AdSense as well. To get approved by AdSense, Here are some few tips

  1. Make sure your content meets Adsense requirements;
  2. Show your site or Blog have spaces for AdSense;
  3.   Make sure the blog or site you are using is your content;
  4. Make sure your content is unique and clean;
  5. Make sure your pages can be navigated easily;
  6. Make your pages mobile friendly;
  7. Your site should comply with content language.

Before signing up for Adsense, please take some time and read these guidelines Before Signing up for AdSense

Google AdSense Best practices

As a publisher using AdSense, there are several things you would like to do in order to maximize your income. Applying the right strategy will massively increase your earning and get you some level of trust and respect while monetizing with AdSense. Here are the best Adsense practices

  1. Experiment with all the Ad units;
  2. Find the best ad placements for your type of site;
  3. Try out the responsive Ad units;
  4. Always create new content as a blogger;
  5. Never stop promoting your blogs and website;
  6. optimize your content for SEO.

Want to read more on how to make more money with AdSense, follow these step by step Google AdSense best practices.

The logic behind banner advertising and how it work

Google Adsense payment threshold

Google Adsense threshold is $100 for the first withdrawal. Before your first payment, You will have to Add your bank account and verify your address before your first payment will be deposited once you reach the threshold.

2. AdsTargets Ad Network

AdsTargets Ad Network is a CPC and CPM online advertising technology for advertisers and Publishers. The aim of the Ad Network is to become the most desired Ad network for advertisers and publishers. AdsTargets offers one of the best advertising and monetizing technologies in the market.

AdsTargets home page

It offers both cost per click (CPC) also known as pay per click (PPC), CPM = cost per 1000 impressions and their ads are servers across desktop and mobile devices globally.

Advertiser and publishers can advertise and monetize using their vast ad units such as Banner Ads, Text Ads, Interstitial Ads also known as full-screen Ads, Retarget Ads, and In-App Ads.

AdsTargets just like other Top Ad Networks for publishers has few requirements for qualified publishers.

Don’t be scared its anything to worry about! AdsTargets require publishers applying to monetize their website or blog to have reasonable content and should be updated regularly. 

Secondary, As a publisher, your content should not have or include content that is related to violence, drugs, racism and any form of illegal activities and discrimination. Refer to Publisher terms during application for more details. Website and blog with such content will not be approved by AdsTargets.

AdsTargets Accept members from all over the world and currently in eighty-seven countries.  

AdsTargets Best practices

Ad a publisher, You may want to make the most out of your content, that is making money as much as you can while monetizing. If you agree with this statement then here are few things you would like to implement to maximize your earnings at Adstargets 

  1. Most use the 300×250, 728×90 Banner, and Text Ads
  2. Two Ads par page will give you a better chance
  3. 728×90 should be placed at the header and 300×250 at the right or left side widgets
  4. Other ad units work well in the body and bellow sections
  5. Always create new content as a blogger
  6. Never stop promoting your blogs and website
  7. optimize your content for SEO

Adstargets was created after several years of experimental studies done by interviewing top advertisers and publishers around the world.

The founder took the complaints from both sides and worked tirelessly to create a platform that could finally offer the desired value for advertisers budget while at the same time making sure publishers are paid the maximum earning commissions they deserve.

AdsTargets Payment threshold

AdsTargets Payment threshold is only $35. AdsTargets pay publishers through Paypal and wire transfers.

AdsTargets advertising technology is capable of automatically scaling and optimizing advertisers Ads to reach the right people only while they also pay over 80% commission of the Advertising revenue to publishers.

This makes AdsTarget one of the top ad networks for publishers globally. Even though they are new to the market. 

Start Monetizing at AdsTargets Today!

AdsTargets Review: Here is what other Publishers are saying about AdsTargets

3. AdMob by Google

AdMob by Google made our list of Top Ad Networks for Publishers. This is because AdMob is simply the biggest App monetizing Ad network in the market currently.

AdMob is own by Google and covers the largest share of  In-App advertising. Ad run Native Ads, Video Ads, Interstitials full page Ads, and Banner Ads. Admob is available for IOS, Android Unity, and Cocos applications.

Google AdMob

To prove AdMob is the biggest and probably the most preferred by publishers and advertisers, let me break down the figures for you. AdMob currently has over 1 million App using AdMob, Admob has paid out to their publishers over $3.5 billion since the July of 2012, AdMob also increased their CPMs almost or more than 200%, They get over 200 billion global Ad request every day and last but not the lease, they have over 1,000,000 advertiser. see the photo below for more details

Google AdMob in figures

Now that you understand what Admob is all about, here are the few benefits you will get as an App developer willing to make money monetizing with them.

AdMob Benefits for App developers

  1. Google Ad technologies is considered by many as the best in the industry
  2. You can run Ads on across multiple platforms
  3. Auto update on Google play
  4. Fast payments without extra charges
  5. Great analytical and firebase for your campaigns
  6. You will have the ability to choose the right Ad units for your App
  7. You have the flexibility to filter out Ads you don’t want on your App
  8. You will be able to earn the highest Advertising CPM rates
  9. You will always have relevant Ads to show
  10. You will have access to all Google advertisers

Admob best performing Ads

When it comes to making the most money with Admod, the secret is knowing which Ads units are making you the most money. Admob claim the Native Ads and the video Ads. you will have that in mind when once you are ready to start monetizing your Apps.

4. Ad Network for Publishers is number four on our list of top ad networks for publishers. No doubt the company has taken a large share of the advertising market. has over 500,000 publishers websites, more than 70 million paid clicks each month, they have an estimated over 87 billion display Ads impressions per month according to their About page as at 10th 08 2018.

With the above figures, its fair to say is massive and obviously in the top five list of top ad networks for publishers. was created to Run Yahoo and Bing Ads and was very successful doing that, some their top publishers include  Hearst, Meredith, Forbes, Yahoo, MSN,  Kiplinger, Reuters, The Street, Ziff Davis, NY Daily News and many more giant publishers in the advertising market. biggest share of the market comes from the USA with over 90%, the UK and Canada only 5% while the rest of the world has only 5%. By device, Mobile got 63% while desktop got the rest 38%. The company has over 1300 employees and its headquarters in Dubai. More about can be found here Ad types net is known for contextual ads, Native Ads which they run on desktop and mobile devices. They also run a lot of banner Ads and Interstitials also known as full-screen Ads.

Getting Approved by as a publisher

Even though the Ad tech giant did not specifically specify their publisher requirements, they approve sites with high-quality content and also a website that updates their content regularly. here we lay down few tips for getting approved by

  1. Your content should be in English
  2. Update your content regularly
  3. Avoid content with violence, racism, drugs and other illegal activities as such will fail to get approval
  4. Show you have some space for running Ads on your website or blog

This brought us to the conclusion of the top ad networks for publishers. Minimum payment threshold payment threshold is $100. They pay their publishers through PayPal and wire transfers.


We know this list might short when compared with a similar post, the reason is that we don’t just want to create a list of affiliate list of Ad networks like most others do, instead, we focus on bringing you the best list of ad networks for publishers based on their track records. we hope you find it useful and also tell us what you think about this post in the comment section.