Free Business Advertising Platforms for Small Businesses

Free Business Advertising Platforms for Small Businesses

Executive summary

Small businesses have limited budgets which force most of them to use their scarce resource in a very careful manner. In most cases, some small businesses do not have advertising budgets.

However, they need to grow and scale up their visibility in order to get noticed by their customers and business associates.

The good news is… even with zero business advertising budget, small businesses can still promote their products, services, and tell their brand story to enable them to grow and become big businesses.

Typically, it’s possible and many small businesses have been grown through these means a million times over just by using free platforms that allow small businesses to advertise themselves for free.

In this blog post, I highlight the most popular and important free business advertising platforms to help small businesses grow for free.

Best Forums to advertise your business

Online advertising platforms are not limited to search engines and popular social media platforms. Other platforms such as forums are great ways to grow your business.

Forums often have a lot of people spending time on those platforms even more than search engines and social media platforms.

I will discuss some of the most important ones below.

Quora Ads

To me, Quora is one of the best forums online today. The platforms have hundreds of thousands of experts and people looking for solutions as well as sharing knowledge.

This platform actually has over 100 million active users monthly from all backgrounds. This presents a great opportunity for online businesses to reach their desired audience.

To gain massive traffic from Quora, you need to participate as an expert in your niche. Answer questions that are related to your niche.

It’s all about giving and take. Make sure your answers are as valuable as possible so you can attract followers and your answer will be seen by many.

One great tip here is, answer questions that have a lot of views and ad an image in your answers as well as your link below.

Quora Answer

Quora runs all major Ad types such as Image ads both on desktop and mobile ads with various sizes, contextual Ads.

They allow advertisers to use their list matching targeting by uploading emails list of people they want to target.

They also optimize their pixel to support multi-level conversion tracking and behavioural ad targeting options to allow businesses to get the traffic they need to grow their businesses.

Reddit Ads

Reddit is another great forum used by many businesses to get targeted traffic. With over 330 active users sharing links, images and text post in and contributing in several subreddits.

Small businesses have been using Reddit to gain a lot of traffic. It’s also great for networking and scaling up your businesses.

Since there are so many people spending a lot of time on the site. As a small business, you can create and optimise your business profile which will enable you to post your images, links and even create blog posts.

It will give you so much exposure and attract customers, followers and Kama.

Another good thing with Reddit is the subreddit that you can join. While joining those subreddits, you have to first read the rules to avoid been banned.

It will be great if you can maintain a high level of participation and please DO NOT spam.

These subreddit gives you the opportunity to contribute, learn and create a beneficial network.

It’s also a wonderful platform for paid and as well serve as a free business advertising platform.

Small businesses that are active on forums often use these platforms for free advertising. On Reddit, they do this by sharing their links, latest blog posts, images and text post.

As a small business, participating in Reddit subreddits leads to followers and many upvotes which help make your post get more popular.

Small businesses are encouraged to make use of these platforms to help them grow organically.


Digitalpoint is another good forum with a massive amount of digital markers. They share their knowledge on various topics most digital marketing.

DigitalPoint also allows for paid advertising using CPM and emails advertising models. Banner ads are based on a CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) model.

If your services are related to digital marketing, This is another platform you can consider.


One of the oldest forums online but mostly used by digital marketers too. Contributing to this forum will give you the opportunity to put your posts and contributions in front of many potential customers

You can get powerful backlinks from this forum also which will helo our organic ranking in search engines. This will amount to so much traffic later when you rand on valuable keywords.

They also sell their Ad spaces to advertisers willing to buy them.

They rub banners and text ads on their platform while allowing participants to share their stories, ask questions and get answers.

Free Business advertising Platforms

Most of the platforms mentioned above are also great platforms that allow businesses to advertise their products and service and as well tell their brand stories.

These platforms give businesses a great opportunity to create their business pages and regularly update it with content meant to educate, inform, entertain and promote their businesses.

Let’s see how you can use these platforms for free businesses advertisement.

Free Advertising Platforms for small businesses

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page is an incredible way to advertise your business for free without paying a dine. The only difference between Facebook paid and free advertising is that your exposure will be limited compared to paid Ads.

In any case, you can do so much with Facebook free advertising and here is how

Optimise your business page with all the business information. Make sure your business page stands out so your potentials customers will easily access all the information they need.

After optimizing your page, the next thing you need to do is to create quality content, schedule your content on your Facebook page to post regularly on your page.

Facebook reward consistency and quality content, When you are posting on a daily bases, chances are people will be able to see your post more. This will lead to more page followers and page likes.

Once your page fans are beginning to grow, here is what you need to do next…

Join many valuable and interactive Facebook groups related to your business. There you can participate in those groups and also share your Facebook page post.

By doing so, your post-exposure will increase and more people will be able to find your content.

Another hack for more exposure is you have to make sure you reply to all comments and messages coming to your page. The more you interact with people, the more your post will be exposed.

Some businesses have used these means and grew their businesses into global business today.

You too can do it.

Twitter Business Page

Twitter gives small businesses a great tool to increase their visibility through tweets, trends and also gain followers. Twitter is one of the best platforms you can form great relationships that will turn into loyal followers and then to sales.

As a small business, using Twitter should be of strategic importance to your business for forming sales channels. You can engage your twitter followers by creating valuable content and as well as content that attracts your viewers to engage with your profile and website.

It will help you a lot if you create tweets that interest your follows. This will encourage them to engage with your content. Many small companies are able to do this successfully and you can as well.

The perfect example of companies that are successful in doing is NameCheap. They have managed to gain 121,000 followers as of the date of this post and still growing.

One good thing they have done well is to mix fun and business. Try this out your self and share your feedback with us.

Create tweets that stand out. You should understand that you have competitors and creating tweets that stand out will be a big plus for your business profile.

Some small businesses that use Twitter very well are able to gain a lot of followers and market share. Example of such is the Roger Smith Hotel with 15,000+ followers.

They knew they were too small to compete with bigger brands and rather turn to social media marketing and mostly Twitter to boost their visibility.

They were able to invite some influencers and journalist to try out their services. As those influencers turn to twitter to share their experiences, the Hotel’s twitter becomes so popular in the eyes of many.

Now, they offer discounts for people that book their hotel through twitter and also have a twitter kiosk at their hotel.

This is one of many other success stories of social media marketing.

Another way to boost your visibility on Twitter is to connect with people that need your products and services.

There are tons of professionals on Twitter that promote themselves and it another opportunity for you to build your network around them.

You can also use Twitter as a lead generation platform through the promotion of your tweets.

You will also need to listen to your customers on Twitter. I will end it here for twitter but here are few points to sum it up…

  • Listen to your customers
  • Promote products that are not easily found
  • Create Tweets that stands out
  • keep your followers interested
  • Be consistent
  • Balance work and fun
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Connect with people who need your products and services.

Use Twitter to grow your business for free.

LinkedIn company page

LinkedIn is mostly considered as a professional platform for professionals with over 330 million active users every month. This presents small business a great opportunity to promote their business.

Having a business/company page on LinkedIn gives your business a boost and opportunity to be seen by thousands of LinkedIn users.

The business page also comes with several features to enable you to publish content and connect with people looking for your business.

Here are several ways you can use LinkedIn to boost your small business

Lead generation – because LinkedIn offers businesses easy access to contact other members and also allow them to subscribe to your buttons, this platform can be used to reach your target audience to help you grow your business for free.

You can also choose to message your audience on LinkedIn to let them know about your business. It might be a mere messaging but it’s actually building a network for your business.

LinkedIn Boost SEO – Using LinkedIn as a small business can have a significant impact on your business search engine rankings. You can increase visibility and also increase your organic search traffic over time.

Sharing your content on your company LinkedIn page help connect your business with the right audience.

You can also join groups that are related to your niche and post your valuable blog posts to attract more audience. This alone could make you grow your company page followers and visibility.

Look at LinkedIn as a free business advertising site because of the great opportunities it presents to small businesses.

Treat your LinkedIn Business page as a marketing channel

LinkedIn can be a great platform for marketing your content such as your blog posts, Updates about your business, Display of your products and services.

You can always share your blog posts and if they are valuable enough, your content will be liked and shared over and over to increase your exposure on the platform.

That alone will give your business page the opportunity to attract new followers and eventually loyal customers.

Use it as a multi-channel marketing platform – It is a great channel for marketing your business product or service as a small business.

It gives you the ability to reach the local audience through this new channel and that’s massive because it opens so many doors in terms of online traffic and users interest in your company.

Use LinkedIn judicially to boost your visibility and grow your business for free.

Pinterest business page

One of the best ways to build an audience and grow your business is through Pinterest. A great platform for quality traffic for your small business.

Pinterest is a powerful image saving platform which is a bit different from other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

This means it also has a set of different rules and practices which enable small businesses to grow.

Here is how you can use Pinterest to grow your small business.

Feature your Blog Post on Pinterest

Even though Pinterest is an image platform, bloggers have been very successful using the platform to build their fortune for free. It’s easy.

After creating your blog post, you have to create a Pinterest size image to pin it to your profile in a way people can click on the post and visit your website.

Doing this the right way and consistently will enable you to increase your traffic so much especially when you feature it in one of your featured boards.

Promote your website

Pinterest boards come handy when you want to expand your website by creating a board that contains all the important information about your website.

You can choose to create “About us” visual page, “Testimonies” “Price List” “Your Products and services” and much other information necessary for disseminating information about your business website.

You can choose to feature this information in one of your featured boards to be seen by many.

Promote your Videos on Pinterest

Videos these days are a great way for businesses to boost their visibility online. As a small business, this might simply be one of the best ways to promote your business on Pinterest. In fact its like Free business advertising platform for many digital marketers.

Businesses that promote their videos on Pinterest have a lot of views and Pins from other interested and targeted audience. Consider using videos on Pinterest to boost your visibility as a small business.


There are so many other free ways to promote your small business and grow faster, however, I will allow some of you to tell us which ways you think work best for you in the comment section.

We have highlighted the most popular channels small businesses can use for free to promote and grow their business.

Each of the platforms has a unique way that can boost your business if used the right way. I will also encourage you to research more on this topic, use classified Ads sites to also promote your business for free.

I will end it all here for now but hope this helps you grow your business better and faster.

What marketers need to know about Digital Video Advertising

What marketers need to know about Digital Video Advertising

Execute summary

Digital video advertising also known as online video advertising has been on the rise in the past 7 years. More and more advertisers are venturing into digital marketing particularly video marketing.

Several studies proved video marketing is one of the most effective advertising methods. However, many digital marketers are still not aware of the opportunities online video advertising present.

Video marketing has always been an important part of marketing. However, it was used mostly in television ads even before the coming of the internet.

Now in the era of internet especially in the last seven years, videos have always been an important part of brand storytelling.

Several brands have used videos to tell their stories while creating brand awareness to capture the attention of their audience and to further convince them to become loyal customers.

Digital video advertising has the potentials to capture the audience’s attention in a creative and intelligent way. This is because videos can easily be understood by viewers within the first few seconds of just looking at them.

Based on the importance of online video advertising, we have analysed, evaluated and list the effective ways for digital video marketing.

Let’s start with the definition

Online video advertising is a form of video marketing which contains video ads sponsored by brands to acquire paid traffic. Which lead to gain more visibility in order to increase sales and profitability.

It has become a trend among all digital brands to use video marketing techniques which include, video advertising to tell their brand stories to a larger and wider audience.

Considering the popularity of this form of video marketing, let’s explore how effective it is to companies.

How effective is video advertising?

Studies show that online video advertising is very effective as compared to any other forms of video advertising. They effective when compared to television video ads and other types of digital advertising.

To support the above paragraph, In a recent study, marketingland claims that about 72% of advertising agencies believe video advertising is more effective than television Ads.

Cheap Banner advertising
Cheap online advertising

This is because many video ad campaigns show that over 71% of the viewers take some sort of action after viewing the video.

They either visit the advertiser’s site, subscribe to their newsletter, make some enquiry, sign up for their services, purchase their products or services etc.

Digital video advertising results in more leads for businesses and increased conversions which makes it a very effective type of digital marketing.

Another important feature of video advertising is, it involves audio and visual elements that use various effects which are appealing to the viewer. This makes it easy for companies to tell the story of their products and services in a creative way.

Digital video advertising trends

Here is what marketers need to know about video advertising progress. Trends makes it very easy for digital marketers to understand what’s going on and help them make more informed decisions about digital marketing campaigns.

Video advertising generally has been growing in all spheres especially in the last four years. It is believed that the U.S. market alone will spend over $36 billion on online video advertising this year.

Interestingly, these $36 billion will be committed in advance for video advertising. Also, The U.S advertisers will spend $29.24 billion on programmatic video advertising this year alone, this will account for 49.2% of the entire U.S programmatic display spend.

The trend on the video viewers online has also increased to over 63 million people viewing videos online with their various devices. This is a massive increment compared to the 18 million in 2013 based on the figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Another survey involving 650 media and technology companies in New York also confirms that about 60% of their advertising budgets are reserved for digital video advertising.

Also, As mobile subscribers consumptions of video ads grow more and more, brands are also shifting more of their budgets on mobile advertising.

In summary, online video advertising will continue to rise and become more relevant among other advertising methods.

It is estimated that other ad formats such as television, banner ads, text ads, interstitial Ads and push notification ads etc will rally behind video advertising.

Digital marketers need to take video advertising seriously in order to be more successful with their digital marketing campaigns.

Who Dominates Digital Video Advertising?

The entire digital advertising is dominated by Google and Facebook. There is no doubt these two ad giants take the largest market share of the Ad revenue and also control much of what consumers are given access to see.

In the U.K alone, both Google and Facebook take an estimated 63.3% market share of digital advertising. At the same time, they both keep a market share of 59.3% in the U.S.

Google and Facebook Ad Share

These same figures are estimated to be on the rise in the U.K hovering around 64.7 in 2021 and 54.7 in the U.S in the same 2021 according to eMarketer.

See the chart below.

Digital advertising share of Google and Facebook in UK and US

Other dominant players in paid digital video advertising are Amazon, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter. Which are also predicted to compete and take a share of the present Google and Facebook dominated market.

There estimated share is as follows: Snapchat (0.7%) and Twitter ads (1.4%) will catch small shares below 2% of the UK digital advertising market this year.

However, SnapChats growth is expected to be bigger reaching £100.1 million in advertising revenues which will account for 0.9% of the UK mobile advertising market.

Meanwhile, Instagram is set to increase almost 52% in 2019 to reach £984.0 million accounting for 6.7% of the UK digital market and 9.5% of the mobile market.

The share of smaller other ad networks is not included here due to their small size of the market. of course, there is an alternative ad network that allows advertisers to place all ad types just like Google did which is AdsTargets.

However, these smaller ad networks are growing and have started sharing some percentage of the ad revenue in major participating countries.

Mobile and digital video ads

It might interest you to know that over 66.53% of the world population has access to mobile phone.

Statistics show that the number of mobile subscribers is even more than the entire population which amounts to over a billion mobile subscribers than the actual world population.

World mobile connections vs world population

Mobile devices have shaped the way we all look at online advertising specifically mobile video advertising.

Since 2015 when mobile search request surpassed desktop, mobile became a very important part of digital advertising.

It seems the number of mobile users has always been on the rise in the past six years. More and more people get access to smartphones across the globe which presents great marketing advantage.

One of the biggest advantages of these increase in mobile users is that they seem to spend a lot of time on social media. These present marketers with a chance to target their audience.

With the use of various social media platforms and advertising tools, Ad networks such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads presents various targeting ways.

It has become easier for digital marketers to target their prospective customers for better success rates using digital video advertising tactics.

To achieve a high success rate for your online video campaigns, see the following tips for better video advertising.

Online Video advertising Best practices

Haven’t gone through the trends and data of the online advertising, lets me take you through the best practices that will lead to successful video ads campaign online.

Mobile Display Fit

Make sure your videos are optimised for mobile so they can fit all mobile sizes.

It is important to check and make sure your digital video advertising campaign displays very well.

This will make users of various smartphones, tablets and other smart devices can access and view your video easily.

Mind the length of your video

The length of your video is very important to your viewers. This is because long videos will simply discourage them to view the video until the end.

understand this should make you create a short video with all the necessary information you need to tell your audience.

Therefore, keep your videos meant for digital video advertising short, precise and simple to convey the message.

Have a clear call to action

Do not forget that your audience wont take the right action after watching your video. This means you have to create a clear call to action plan when creating your video.

You might choose to tell them to signup, register, visit your site for more information. Whichever CTA you choose to use, make sure it is mentioned in the video either in the form of text or audio.

Optimise for social media platforms

Since social media websites have different requirements for the size and length of the required digital video advertising.

It is highly advisable to make sure your video Ad fit each social platform size and length and other necessary requirements for greater performance.

All social media platforms have their specification for various ad and video advertising requirement.

Here are some specific video advertising requirements for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat, LinkedIn and Pinterest

PlatformLandscapePortraitVideo LengthSize
Facebook1080 x 10801080 x 1080Max 30 seconds or less 2.3GB
Instagram1080 x 19201080 x 1920Max 15 seconds or less4GB
Twitter1280 x 720640 x 640Max 140 seconds or less512MB
YouTube1920 x 10801920 x 1080Max 30 seconds or less10GB
SnapChat1080 x 19201080 x 1920Max 15 seconds or less1GB
LinkedIn1280 x 7201280 x 720Max 15 seconds or less1GB
Pinterest600 x 600640 x 640Max 30 seconds or less2GB

There are more specific details such as accepted video format such as max size and duration. Others include various types of video sizes on different platforms, aspect ratio and many more which will be covered in the next post.

In the meantime, you can visit SproutSocial for all the required video attributes on all digital video advertising platforms.

Maximise the first three seconds

The first three seconds of you have the ability to convince the viewer to watch your video until the end.

This means the first three seconds of your video should contain the most attractive part of your message.

Convince your audience that your video worth their time and will be valuable to them.

This can be done by using very curious words or actions that will interest them to watch until the end.

Make money blogging
Make money blogging

By doing so, you will then present them with the main message of your products and services or even your entire brand story. It should be concise as much as possible.

Brand Constituency

Logos, brand colours and slogans are a very important part of the branding and should always be used in your videos. This improves your visibility and gives your audience a sense of recognition.

By presenting your brand identity, you help your target audience remember your business and also recognise your brand anytime they see your brand features anywhere.

Most large brands such as Apple, Amazone, McDonald’s are all known by their logos and colours. So it is vital you remember to include your logos at least in your mobile video ads to keep your brand alive.


Digital marketing has evolved so much in the last seven years and digital marketers also need to evolve in their thinking. There is so much to gain in digital video advertising nowadays.

The issue is, how digital marketers are able to utilise their resources and talent to gain from their video campaigns. Video marketing will continue to be on the rise as more and more as the number of mobile subscribers continues to grow.

subsequently, social media platforms are also part of the equation as more mobile subscribers spend more time looking at their feeds. marketers need to take advantage of these presented opportunities and make the best they can out of digital video advertising and social media and mobile users.

conclusively, if you have been in the online advertising business for long, please let us know what you think about this post. suggest ways we can improve it by either adding to the post of letting us know what we can remove or add to the post.

If you are new to digital video advertising,…

we encourage you to use this post and several others on our blog to learn all you need to know about digital advertising.

Best Guide To Video Advertising For Digital Marketing

Best Guide To Video Advertising For Digital Marketing

Video advertising is one of the most popular forms of online display advertising. We have seen a massive increase in video advertising in the last years.

More brands have realised the benefits of getting into this type of display advertising.  

Videos generally have great potentials for brands in various ways. It helps brands tell a story about their business in a visual form helping their audience to easily understand what the brand represents. 

The good thing with video advertising is that it works for all businesses across the board whether is B2B, B2C, SMB, Enterprise, High-Tech or analogue products.

Video has become an important part of internet browsing as more brands recorded high engagement on video display platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to mention just a few.

In the last year alone, expats estimated over 7 billion US dollars was spent on Video Ads alone while Cisco estimated that 80%  of all internet traffic by 2019 will come from video content and global video traffic will increase threefold from 2016 to 2021.Due to these high expectations and importance of video marketing/video advertising, it is important all digital marketers have a clear understanding of video advertising and video marketing.

The good thing with video advertising is that it works for all businesses across the board whether is B2B, B2C, SMB, Enterprise, High-Tech or analogue products.

Video has become an important part of internet browsing as more brands recorded high engagement on video display platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to mention just a few. 

In the last year alone, expats estimated over 7 billion US dollars was spent on Video Ads alone while Cisco estimated that 80%  of all internet traffic by 2019 will come from video content and global video traffic will increase threefold from 2016 to 2021.

Due to these high expectations and importance of video marketing/video advertising, it is important all digital marketers have a clear understanding of video advertising and video marketing.

So let’s jump into….

What is Video advertising?

Video advertising generally comprises of display Advertisements that contain video Ads in them which are shown in the beginning, during the video, at the end of the video or after the video stream online.

These advertising units are also known as pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertising units which comes with the online streaming videos just the television Ads but normally shorter than the Ads in the TV programs.

It is a common knowledge that Video Ads are now shown on almost all streaming services including social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat among others.

Video Ad format

Video Ads comes in various formats. However, according the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines, there are three main types of video ad formats which are namely:

  • Linear Video Ads: These type of video ads are similar to the above-described video ads that are shown before the video, during or after the video is streamed on the internet by a user. Similar to this type of video ads are the commercials seen on the TVs before, during or after the TV program is watched by the audience.
  • Non-Linear Video Ads: these ads run concurrently with the video content so the users see the ad while viewing the content.
  • Companion Video Ads: commonly text, display ads, rich media, or skins that wrap around the video experience.

These video Ads formats are the most used in both TV Ads and on the internet. The most used on major platforms such as YouTube and Facebook are the Linear video Ads.

Video Advertising Platforms for brands?

Even though there are numerous video advertising platforms also know as Ad Networks out there, there are some that are more effective and popular among digital marketers due to their scale, efficiency and effectiveness.

Below are the most used Video advertising platforms

Google Ads and YouTube Ads

There is no doubt Google ads is the most biggest display advertising platform in the market. Although platforms such as Facebook/Instagram video Ads are scaling up but still far behind Google Ads.

The display Ad section of Google Ads is what marketers use to place video Ads on YouTube and other Google Video advertising platforms.

The good thing about using Google video Ads platforms such as YouTube is that YouTube single-handedly is the second largest search in the world with over five billion videos viewed everyday and over 1.5 billion active users every month.

You can agree that YouTube as part of Google display Ads has a lot of potentials your business can benefit from.

Apart from video advertising on YouTube, It is one of the best platforms for video marketing.

Also, when it comes to targeting your audience, Google display Ads gives you the best options for reaching your audience. Hence, we advise you to give YouTube a trial for video Ads.

YouTube Ads are very important when it comes to video advertising. Even though it’s under Google Ads, It is important to elaborate more on YouTube Ads to enable marketers to understand the most important types of Ads that produce more effective results

There are two automatic YouTube Ads that are designed to grab the attention of your audience which is namely, TrueView Ads are usually played before a video. Bumper Ads are too, but these Ad types are designed to last for only 6 seconds and they can’t be skipped.

To improve your ROI on those Ads, You can also run Discovery Ads to improve the reach of your video, but this helps you show up in the search results.

Another valuable feature of YouTube Ads is the analytical system which gives marketers the opportunity to analyse their advertising reports periodically and adjust their Ads in order to achieve better results.

By adjusting your Ads, You are also able to cut down the cost of advertising and prevent your Ads from showing to unwanted audience and places to increase advertising ROI.

With these analytical tools, you will be able to understand what is working and what is not working so you can adjust your Video Ads to target the right people and save cost of advertising.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram video Ads are integrated under one system, hence, we will be treating them together as one Video Ad system.

Both Facebook and Instagram Ads are displayed within the users feeds. Within these feeds, advertisers are allowed to show story video Ads in both platforms in order to reach their target audience.

These video Ads are allowed to be 15 seconds or less and also are full-screen mobile experience designed to increase audience engagement.

In recent times, Facebook launched Video Ads which are shown within publishers video content mostly in the middle of the video contents from various publishers.

In addition, Facebook places video ads in audience network placements such as mobile Apps and blogs that match their targeting criteria in order to increase targeting.

How to use Video Ads to spur engagement online

One of the recent trading video Ads are mostly the short or micro video Ads that are less than 10 second but highly engaging and designed to leave a massive impression on viewers.

These Video Ads have created several challenges for the traditional 30 seconds video Ads usually used in the television Ads.

In several studies, these video Ads have proven to be more effective than other longer video Ads formats.

The brain behind these winning micro videos is the fact that digital marketing these days takes more than one interactions before customers are converted or convinced to buy.

It’s a curated process that comes with stages and techniques to completely win the customer’s heart.

Using micro videos does not give you all the privilege to say everything about your goods or services which means, you just have to target on saying the most attractive and interesting stuff about your business to lead your audience to find out more about your products or services through other channels like content marketing, emails and lead capturing.

Since most people engage with your content on silent mode, It is advisable to make sure your micro videos are able to engage with your audience even when their audio is turn off.

Using micro videos for advertising should not completely stop you from crafting 30 seconds of videos. Make sure you leverage the power of both 30 seconds of videos and 6 second micro videos for successful video advertising and marketing.

Social Media and Video Advertising

Social media users have become accustomed to videos being filled in their feeds especially on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. These auto-playing videos are created by various marketers and publishers.

Video marketing on social media has become very popular due to its effectiveness. people from all works of life tend to spend time on social media scrolling through tons of text and video contents.

This gives digital marketers the opportunity to dominate their specific markets by creating videos that match their audience interests as well as video Ads that could grab their attention easily.

Facebook specifically is a great tool for video marketing. Billions of users scroll through their feeds watching tons of videos each minutes making Facebook one of the most popular social media platform.

Creating story telling videos that helps tell your business story in an attractive manner will obviously take your brand to the next level.

Best Practices for Video advertising

When it comes to video advertising, the advertiser needs to understand that, every brand and business is different, therefore, originality and creativity will play a vital role in the video making process.

An understanding of who the target audience will be very important as well as it will help in crafting the required video.

Here are some few step-by-step guides for improving your video advertising results.

Make the first few second count

The first three seconds of your video is very important and should be used to grab the attention of your audience.

Give them a reason to stick with the video until the end. Make them curious and motivated to hear the rest of your story.

See the Dove video below did a great job of capturing their audience attention from the first three seconds and keeping them till the end of the video

You have to understand that those first three seconds are also been counted and charged by the advertising agencies and counted for as well.

In essence, make sure whatever you are going to say or show in the first three seconds has the capacity to keep your audience engaged till the end.

Optimise Your Video For Mobile

Since mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic in 2015, mobile has become a very important part of digital marketing. Hence, it is important to keep this in mind when creating videos for advertising or digital marketing purposes.

Because of the massive traffic coming from mobile users, it is important to keep your videos short, informative and attractive so you don’t lose the mobile traffic.

You can as well include a lot of vertical content in your video and also make sure it appears full-screen in your mobile viewers screens.

Use Storytelling Videos

Story telling videos have a strong emotional attachment to them. They are probably the best means of emotionally engaging your audience.

These video leave lasting impressions on viewers. They are designed to make viewers remember your story even after a long time watching your video.

Using storytelling videos is a way of interrupting online audience and it is important to make sure they remember your story even after they leave the platform and get back at what they usually do so they can come back again to visit your webpages.

Use Call to actions (CTAs)

For every video campaign you run or create, One thing you can’t afford to miss is using the right CTAs to drive your audience to take the right action.

Your video campaign will only be valuable if you drive viewers to take the necessary step(s) to either converting or making a purchase or rather visiting your website for a specific action.

It only makes using the right CTA at the end of the video to tell your potential customers what step to take next and be specific about it.

See the example of the right CTA in the video below:

In summery here, use the right CTA that suits your campaign.

Use Closed Captions

Using closed captions may help do your video advertising campaign a lot of good.

It turns out not many online viewers use sounds to watch videos especially Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Also people with hearing disabilities could easily understand your video with closed captions. Make sure your closed captions are well framed with the right worlds.


Video marketing and Video advertising has become a very important part of digital marketing and will continue to be impactful for a long time.

If you have not taken the necessary steps to boost your video marketing and advertising, the time is now.

The manner in which videos are consumed is also evolving as people watch videos online in several ways with several devices, you have to keep in mind video advertising is key to growing your business especially now that the number of internet users is increasing day by day.

I would like to ask you guys to share your experiences with video advertising and video marketing in general so we can continue to update this post to help others improve their video marketing skills.