Google Adsense Ad Units updates- What Publishers need to know

Google Adsense Ad Units updates- What Publishers need to know

Google Adsense has finally announced some of the changes most publishers saw since April of 2019 in their Ad units. In an email sent recently, They officially confirm the Google AdSense ad units updates.

The reason for the recent updates to Adsense ad units is to provide publishers with a more flexible, up-to-date service and a more secure platform.

Aside from that, they encourage publishers to always investigate the changes that may be implemented in their monetisation of the advertising products.

So what are the updates in Google Adsense Ad units and what publishers need to know about these updates?

There are several changes made in their Ad sizes, Ad Types, Text Ad styles, if no ads available, experiments, Synchronous code and Custom channels.

Let’s look at these changes and what publishers need to know.

Adsense Ad sizes updates

Google Adsense has made it easier for publishers to create and easily manage their ad sizes across all devices without further customization. This means all ad sizes are now responsive by default.

Google Adsense Ad Units updates all ad sizes are responsive by default

It is now possible for your ads to automatically adjust to fit different screen sizes both on desktop and mobile devices.

Usually, publishers had to create different ad units such as responsive ads, mobile ads, desktop and placements.

It was just stressful creating and managing all these ad units. Now with the new updates, publishers don’t have to worry about all the hassle of creating and managing different ad sizes for increased flexibility and performance.

What publishers need to know

Even with these changes, publishers still have the options to create and manage different ad sizes if they want to.

Display and Text Ad styles merged.

Google Adsense has now merged ‘Text ads only’ and ‘Display ads only’ to look more attractive as only display ads. Even though this is not a new ad type of Ad, it’s certainly new here for Adsense.

Display and Text Ad styles merged

It’s all about giving rich-media look to Google Ads just like other ad networks have been using Rich-media ad format to increase CTR.

Publishers who are still willing to display the ‘Text ads only’ or ‘Display ads only’ format can go for native in-feed units and choose manual style option to continue to create those separate ad units.

Google Adsense ad units updates

Ad units in your Adsense account have been renamed to “Display Ads” which will be updated to serve all Ad types.

What publishers need to know

Since Google AdSense now join many other ad networks that are already offering these types of ad format, there will be a bit of competition for publishers ad inventory ad these ads have rich-media look.

If no ads available is gone

In the past, Adsence publishers were given the option to show blank coloured block if there were no ads to show. That option is now removed.

Now Google Adsense defaults it to collapsing the ad space or showing a blank space. In case you have your current setting is a colour or another URL, it will be updated in the near future.

The reason for this change is to increase the quality and safety of their Ad Network while reducing the number of malicious ads into Adsense, Google has removed the “If no ads available” option.

What publishers need to know

Publishers will now use those blank ad spaces as part of their websites or blog designs which will preserve the original look of your webpages. It will also give publishers the opportunity to improve their fill rates.

Experiment Ad unit is also removed

As a result of the above changes, the Ad unit experiment option has also been removed. Publishers need to know that if you have ad unit experiments going on, they won’t continue.

Experiments Ad unit

However, publishers that had their data and experiments previously will still remain in place but won’t be able to run new experiments.

What publishers need to know

Publishers will now find it difficult to run tests on various ad units to determine best performing ad units in order to make choices.

Note, experiment by changing the ad serving settings or the ad category and ‘Ad balance’ to determine the right balance between ads and revenue are still available for publishers.

Synchronous code is also removed

Usually, this feature was not used by the majority of publishers as it was labelled “Not recommended” by google ad sense. Is as good as removing a redundant feature.

Synchronous code

Synchronous code is not recommended because it increases the page load time which slows down the load speed of webpages.

Now that it’s removed, publishers won’t have the option to create synchronous code but still have an option to create them manually generate synchronous ad code for your ad units.

What publishers need to know

For the majority of publishers, this should not border them as it won’t have any major impact on their ad publishing and revenue.

Custom channels feature is also disabled

According to Adsense, “Advertisers no longer buy placement targeted ads, so custom channels are only used for reporting now.” Publishers will still be able to create and view their “custom channels” reports.

Google states that “In the future, you’ll need to add the custom channel ID to your ad unit code to track the performance of ad units in this way”.

Alternatively, publishers will be able to see the performance of their ad units by running the “Ad units” report and using the filters to limit the data to those ad units.

What publishers need to know

The lesson here is to understand that, the reporting system has changed for publishers. In order the get the report and the data they need, publishers will need to customize the report by using ad units or Ad ID to track their performance.


These changes in google Adsense have a lot of positive impacts on publishers with little to zero negative impacts. Mostly, they are designed to provide a more flexible and secured publishing experience to publishers

Making all Ads responsive will definitely increase publishers performance while merging display and text ads units will make ads more attractive all for the benefits of publishers.

Features such as experiment now gone, publishers will no longer be able to track their performance in the traditional way. This should not be a problem as there are other options such as customizing those ads using Ad units and Ad ID to track their performance.

Overall, Google Adsense Ad Units updates are for good and for the benefit of publishers.

Finally, let us know your experience with since these changes have been implemented.

Niche Blogging will make you a smart blogger

Niche Blogging is one of the most important digital marketing strategies. It has potentials to help bloggers and online businesses t generate massive and targeted traffic. This helps get your business up and running.

Niche Blogging

One of the most important decisions you can make as a blogger is to choose the right niche for your blogging and stick to it. When you choose the right blogging niche, you have the capacity and the opportunity to dominate your blog niche.

Moreso, you are more likely to become an expert within your chosen niche as you consistently read, learn and write about related topics. In many cases, you are more likely to make more money compare to someone who is writing generally.

That being said, Let me take you through the importance of niche blogging

Benefits of Niche Blogging

There are a lot of benefits that come along when you choose a niche to focus on and here are the  few benefits

Search engine ranking factor (SEO benefits)

When you consistently write about related blog topics, search engines get to understand your content better which enables the algorithms to understand your blog niche and rank you higher over time.

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Another important part of the SEO benefit is that search engines will easily rank you as they use user experience as a ranking factor. Be sure to optimise your niche blog to get higher rankings in search engines.

With better and higher search engine rankings, you stand a chance to get more organic traffic. The SEO benefits are numerous and the most important of them you need to know about is the amount of organic traffic you will get as a niche blogger.

Targeted audience

As you consistently write about specific content, your niche blog attract an audience that is mostly interested in your niche related content, products and services.

This allows you to collect and maintain emails of a very targeted audience and get them coming back to read your blog.

Make money blogging

Make money blogging

It is very important for you to have an email funnel to collect email and store emails of your target audience so you can share your content with them as soon as you publish.

Niche-specific advertisers

This is where it gets interesting when your niche related brands recognise you have reasonable traffic, they always want to advertise on your blog. This is one of the most important benefits of niche blogging.

No matter what you do, in the end, you always want to monetise your traffic to make money. This is where you make very good use of your niche targeted traffic.

How to Choose the Right Blogging Niche 

Choosing the right niche for you is one of the most important decisions you need to make as a niche blogger. This decision could have a serious impact on your blogging career and require critical thinking before making the right decision.

My best advertising for niche bloggers has always and will continue to be “Choose the niche you are passionate about”

The best niche blogging advice is to “Choose the niche you are passionate about”

The reason for this is that when you chose a niche you love and really passionate about, you never get tired of writing or having to worry about blogging topics.

Because you love what you do, you are always motivated to learn and write more and more. this way, you are able to grow faster, make more money and keep expanding your blogging career.

Secondary, research on what is trending and focus on it. If you are able to figure out what you love, you should be able to figure if it’s going to be attractive for your audience.

This is because, one of your main goals is to make money while niche blogging, that will only be possible if you are writing about a particular niche that people are interested in and want to always read.

So how do you know the best blog niche to choose? well,… In this blog post, I will review the best blogging niches you need to choose from as a blogger. These niches are considered the most profitable niches.

so let’s jump into it…

1. Food & Recipes

Food & Recipies are an evergreen niche blog topic to create your blog content. People are always interested in knowing what they eat which is why this niche has a lot of traffic.

In recent years, food and recipes online traffic has increased dramatically making it one of the most attracted blogging niche.

Even though most of us would have suggested working on this topic but how to make this niche content look attractive is the master niche factor in creating art.

Consider the following steps to make your content look different from other bloggers


  • Research and create content about the current food habits of people
  • Comparison of modern with ancient food style
  • Write about street food around the world
  • Easy meal recipes
  • cooking hacks
  • how to cook restaurant class food at home

Adding this content on your blog will improve the number and quality of your readers especially when you include appropriate images and guideline on how to prepare that food and recipes. People are attracted to pictorial explanation rather than theoretical.

It is appreciated if you have any videos to show how things are happening with the food industry. Linking videos can make the viewers look back into your blog post very often.

2. Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness is one of the common and most talked about niche topics right next to food. This is because to maintain physical health a good amount of proper calories is needed.

Combination of food and health goes well with hand to hand preposition, writing something that can help people to measure the food intake along with a proper diet plan will help them attain their dream body figure.

3. Travel as a niche blogging

Who doesn’t like travelling? The common mistake most of us would do is writing something about places which are already familiar or popular to a lot of travellers.

Few bloggers actually take the board step to explore the unknown tourist places and create content to review it to others. If you can show travellers about the occasional events, festival recently renovated tourist attractions that can bring more people to your blog post.

Since most of us cannot visit the same place looking for a change over the time period, you may follow a famous travel blogger who posts their travel experience around the world.


Try to research and write about unpopular tourist places around the world. If possible include the current travel cost to the destination, because of the change in ticket fare.

Include the cost of living and the most important things to do and specific places to visit.

4. Lifestyle

Comparing lifestyle with celebrities life is one of the commonly searched topics online. People mostly care about how others lead their life, instead of preparing a path that may lead them to such luxury one day.

Writing a blog post about celebrities lifestyle will dramatically bring you massive traffic, how about helping them to get through that lifestyle with what they have can make your blog posts unique among your competitors.

People generally like to keep up or know about celebrities especially their lifestyle and writing about them will literally make you a fortune.

5. Personal Finances

Personal Finance is closely related to savings and budget. Developing one’s financial asset will help the person to achieve their dreams by planning a goal and following the required steps to reach the final destination.

Bloggers can be key players in proving the people’s financial literacy helping them make the right savings plan based on their income scale, most of us do not fall under the same category everyone is different from others plans can be made based on the income saving percentage can be included, which will help people to plan accordingly.


As a blogger in this niche, you do not need to have a degree in finance, simple research on the internet will give you enough information you need.

Also, by watching YouTube videos, you will be able to learn a lot about budgeting and serving habits that lead to financial dependency.

Personal finance is considered by many as a great niche blogging to choose, make good use of it for your advantage.

6. Personal Development

First, let’s answer the question, What is Personal Development? Most people think it can be something that has to be acquired using health and fitness.

Well, it’s far from it. In recent years, awareness of personal development has widely spread across countries and regions of the world.

People are interested excessively interested in stories of successful people, these stories motivate them to work harder in developing their careers and life in general.

You mostly need to research on personal development stories and write quality content about them as a niche blogger.

List down the key points along with real-time example will boost the confidence level of people when they read and hear about people who came out of such a problem.

To dominate this niche, You need to write about successful stories which will motivate people to practice such skills in developing their life.

7. Money Making

Show me that one person who doesn’t wanna be rich theses day!

Making money the word itself has meaningful thoughts, who doesn’t like to make money? People of all ages and diverse background constantly search the internet on ways to help them make extra money.

Hence, there are a lot of illicit and scam ways listed on the internet.

Helping people in finding the right ways and the best ways to make money online will gain you the trust of your visitors and also they will be willing to refer others to your blog with their closed circle thereby it will increase your blog traffic.

The small business idea can also be giving to people who can start their own business by working on the current market needs and demand.

8. Beauty & Fashion

Another important niche on our list of niche blogging is Beauty & Fashion comes with a trend set making people go crazy on new fashion dress and beauty products, people do protest against chemical cosmetics product by highlighting the health hazard that can happen while using such products.

Bloggers can help people to make use of daily home products to glow and shine without facing any side effects.

Cost efficiency would be likely by middle-class people who cannot afford such costly products in their lifetime.


Writing on the following topic will improve the quality of blog content

  • Homemade cosmetics
  • Hairstyling tricks and tips
  • Bridal make-up
  • Bread style and growing tips

9. Entertainment 

Entertainment is the most commonly spoken topic on recent days since most of us have to face work pressure and targets to fulfil within the given time frame.

Life without Entertainment is unimaginable, It is great that there are a lot of people go about entertaining themselves. The advantage is that there are tones of people searching about entertainment event every day.

The traffic potential of this niche is huge. write quality content on entertiamanet events and you will increase your traffic dramatically.

Entertainment can be a vast niche blogging topic to write, selecting the area which has potential customers is sometimes not easy but below are some few tips.


  • A hot topic on sports
  • Live or Free concert
  • Award ceremony
  • Upcoming Movies
  • Top rated films
  • Humour shows
  • Preview on the upcoming shows
  • Review on new releases
  • Facts about the film making
  • Different sports culture around the world
  • Gossip in the film industry

10. Tech/Gadgets Review

The growth of technology and gadget is booming on daily if you are a tech person then you are the right person to choose this blog niche. You will definitely have a lot to write about as there are new tech developments almost every day.

Since the majority of people do not have the technical knowledge to deal with the new tech devices, people rely on the manufacturer’s manuals to run or get their devices working.

Taking the time to review these modern tech devices could get you a lot of traffic as people are searching for these reviews on a daily bases.

Also, a possible review of such a gadget will encourage us to buy and use them on routine life.

The good news about writing tech/gadget review is that you can do affiliate marketing and make some extra cash apart from blogging.

11. Gaming

Gaming is a part of the entertainment industry which can bring millions of users around the world using online as a platform.

Writing about the new games and features in modern gaming is most welcomed by everyone, if you are a player of the game then you write more details and shortcut that can help players to pass the hard stage of the gaming world.

The blogging platform can help you to write about gaming culture and career in the gaming industry.


Online competition and contest in the gaming world are the most searched topics, do write on these areas.

Hope these niche blogging techniques would have helped you to improve the quality of your content and help you be a successful blogger.

How to Monetise your Niche Blog?

Since your primary goal is to make money with your niche blog, you have to find various ways of making money as soon as you start getting traffic, below are some of the most popular ways you can make money with your niche blog

  1. Selling your advertising space
  2. Affiliate marketing e.g Amazon affiliate
  3. Sell your products or other peoples products and take a commission
  4. Use Ad Networks e.g AdsTargets Ad Network
  5. Write sponsored content.


Now you have the most profitable and the most important blog niches to choose from, we wish you all the best with your niche blogging and hope you succeed with your blogging career.

Remember that nothing good comes easy and you need to be consistent in creating quality content.

Also, Let us know what you think of this blog post and your blog niche in the comment session

We invite you to monetise your traffic with us at AdsTargets (Best Ad Network for publishers). Start here: AdsTargets Publisher registration

Blogging Checklist for New Bloggers

Blogging Checklist for New Bloggers

Blogging is one of the best and profitable things you can do either as your main job, part-time work or simply for fun and transfer your work into a source of income. As a blogger, you have the freedom to work when you want, how you want and the way you want. To me, it simply turning your passion into profit.

The good thing about blogging is that you can choose to Blog about anything and any topic of your interest. Anyone can choose to become a blogger, your age or location can’t restrict you as far as you want to blog.

The startup cost for blogging is about $40 to $100 depending on what you want. The Cost of starting a blog will be discussed in detail below.

Starting a blog is challenging as it comes with a lot of responsibilities. As a new blogger, you might want to take your time and do things the right way from the get-go in order to have a successful blogging career.

Blogging can be fun and a source of livelihood if you choose to do it for a living. There is no magic involved in blogging and becoming very successful just like other well-known successful bloggers is very possible.

The good news is that everyone that is willing to blog for a living can be extremely successful at it. it takes important steps in implementing good blogging strategy together with some tools, the rest comes naturally from your passion and love for the job and you will be on your way to making a good living while blogging.

In this post, we have laid down all you need to do to become a successful blogger. Take some time and read this post carefully till the end and you will have a reason to say thank you 🙂

Setting up your Blog

One of the first things you will need to do is to register a domain. My advice is you should register a domain that contains your keyword for the sake of search engine optimization (SEO).

You might choose to register the domain on your name as many others do but simply have it at the back or your mind that it will be better having a domain that contains your most important keyword will have some positive impact on your SEO results.

1. Domain and Blog hosting Plan

Once that is done, you can move to the next step and purchase a hosting plan. This can be also done at Godaddy or any other hosting company of your choice. Preferably, you can go for a hosting company that is based in your country or offer cheaper hosting plans.

You can use any hosting company of your choice to buy and register a domain. The most popular place to buy domain names and hosting plans are,, and 

2. Blogging Platform

Nowadays there are multiple blogging platforms to choose from. The good news is, the majority of them offer free versions to get you started. The most popular blogging platforms are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Joomla, Squarespace, Drupal, and Ghost etc.

To make things a bit easier for you, WordPress is highly recommended. This is because it is very easy to use and also gives you more control and customization opportunities.

Another good reason to choose WordPress is that Wordpress is built for Search engine optimization which helps your search engine visibility, traffic and overall exposure you need to grow your blog.

3. Cloudflare integration

Cloudflare is a platform that offers content delivery network services (CDNs), Internet security, DDoS mitigation, and distributed domain name server services. Their services sit between the visitor and the Cloudflare user’s hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

So why do we recommend you use Cloudflare, well, in lay man’s terms, it helps make your blog faster and prevent it from internet attacks that might cause damage to your server and Blog content.

Cloudflare has multiple servers around the word which makes their servers deliver content faster to any visitor regardless of their region or country. this is why we said it acts like a reverse proxy for your blog.

4. SSL Certificate

Another important security feature you need is the SSL certificate. SSL stands for (Secure Sockets Layer) which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser.

The primary reason for this is to make sure all data communication between the web server and the browser remain private and integral.

Google made SSL certificate as one of the ranking factors since 2015 which even makes it more important for webmasters to consider if you want your content to rank high in Google.

Cheap Banner advertising

Cheap online advertising

Blog Design

This part of your blog is very important. You need to make your blog looks appealing to your readers in every sense as people are attracted to good-looking blogs.

The way your blog looks may make some visitors subscribe to your mailing list so as to keep coming back. To make your blog look beautiful, here are the things you need…

5. Theme

While choosing a theme, you need to consider some themes impact the speed of your blog and it overall looks. Depending on your blog type or niche, you may consider choosing a theme that suits your niche and looks appealing to your readers

Themes come in various designs, some themes are designed to suit video and photography, some are designed to fit news content, some fits general blogging while some fit better on tourist blogs or fashion blogs.

It is very important you choose a theme that suits your blogging style or niche and at the same time its fast and attractive.

6. Plugins

Plugins come handy especially if your blogging platform is WordPress. There are thousands of plugins ranging from security plugins, search engine optimization plugins, and design plugins.

It depends on your need, you will always find a plugin to help you achieve your need. What you need to understand is that, minimize the number of plugins you use. This is because using too many plugins may make your blog speed slow and that’s the last thing you would want for your blog.

7. Templates

Templates are simply the equivalent of Themes when it comes to the platform. The good thing with is because it own by Google which comes with most of the things you need including built-in templates.

Apart from the built-in templates, you can always buy more customized templates to fit your blog niche or style. It is important to keep in mind the design and weight of your template so it won’t slow down your blog.

8. Font size and colors

Font size and colors give an appealing look to your blog content. Apart from that, the font size of your text makes it easier for your visitors and search engine crawlers to read and understand your blog better.

Google takes seriously and you should also. The trick is that make sure your font size is not too small, and the headings are specified correctly with the right font sizes.

Google has a massive list of font sizes you can choose from to make your blog more appealing and easier to read by both your visitors and search engine crawlers

Branding your Blog

Blog branding just like any other business makes you stand out among other similar bloggers within your niche or let’s say your competitors. For effective branding, here is what you need…

9. Logo

The logo gives your blog a unique identification and makes it easy for your readers to identify your content. It is very important you design a cool and attractive looking logo which can be used on all your content including images and email signature.

Keep things simple but with your logo but at the same time make sure is unique. keep in mind your logo serves as your identity and it should have the look possible.

10. Email Signature

Having an email signature serves as an extra layer of marketing. Your email signature should contain all the valuable contact information about you and your blog.

Adding your social media icons connected to your social media profile links, phone number and logo, address, domain, the name of the sender or the Blog title of your blog and obviously your email will go a long keeping you connected with your audience and new subscribers.

See the below email signature for example…

11. Claim your Brand name

This is another important part of the branding and marketing of your blog. make sure you have a unique and one name for all your social media profiles.

Claim one unique name for all your social media profile. People should always identify you by your name where ever they see your name or blog title on all the social media platforms.

12. Business cards

You can print business cards and exchange when you meet people or co-workers. This allows you to network easily and at the same time gives your blog an extra leg for more exposure.

13. T-shirt and Caps

This is not necessary both will sure have some positive impact on your blog within your community. T-shirt and face caps are a good way of branding any product, services.

If you have some extra cash, you can go for it. you can try selling them on your blog especially when your blog gets popular and is well known within your community.

Blog SEO

Blog search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important if not the most important thing you would need to get right while setting up your blog and during your blogging career.

Search engine optimization basically helps get your blog indexed by search engines. Over time it helps your blog posts rank higher in search engines. This gives you a lot of organic traffic overtime and tremendously increase your exposure.

Here is a list of important SEO checklist for your blog… 

Blogging Seo

14. Sitemaps

There are two types of Sitemaps, the HTML and XML sitemaps. In the simplest form, these are files that contain all the list of your Blog or website URLs including their meta descriptions and their updates.

These files are uploaded in your public HTML folder to enable search engines to easily crawl, understand and index your content.

It is an important step to start a cordial relationship with the search engines. I always advise bloggers to make sure they have an XML sitemap and if possible both XML and HTML sitemaps to be created and submitted for both humans and search engines.

For more information about sitemaps and how to create and submit sitemaps, watch the video below.

15. Yoast Plugin

This is for bloggers who are using WordPress, Yoast SEO plugin is simply the best SEO plugin you can use to help rank your blog in certain keywords.

This plugin helps you check the quality of your content such as title, meta descriptions, keyword density, readability analysis, redirects, search appearance, social media, and other important SEO tools.

It is very important you use this plugin if you want to have your blog picture perfect in search engines and rank on your most important keywords.

16. Webmaster tools

Webmaster tools are essential tools for your overall performance. Make sure as a blogger, you are using all the search engine webmasters such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex webmasters.

Using webmaster tools helps you find issues with your blog such as indexable issues, crawl issues, sitemaps issues that enable you to take actions and keep your blog healthy.

Another important feature of webmasters tools is, it enables you to have a clear understanding of which keywords you are ranking for and their overall performance. The same applies to all your blog post and pages.

It also shows you where you are getting backlinks from and which URL are getting the most backlinks and where those backlinks are coming from. There is a tone of feature and benefits of using webmasters so go for it.

17. Keywords

As a blogger, you will find keyword tools as a close friend as you will be making use of it always. Each time you are about to write a blog, you will have to go through keyword research to determine which keywords are the most appropriate for your blog post.

The same applies when you are forming a title of your blog and writing your meta descriptions. One of the best and free keyword research tool is the Google keyword planner.

Blog Keyword research

My advice for choosing keywords: As a beginner, always go for low competitive keywords with high research volume. You can choose to add at least two medium and high competitive keywords but make sure your focus and most dominant keywords are low competitive keywords with high search volumes.

The strategy here is that, as you rank higher for those low competitive keywords, with time you will be able to rank high on those high competitive keywords too.

18. Titles and Meta Descriptions

Title and meta descriptions are a very important part of your blogging career. You will always need to write great titles and meta descriptions that attract readers to click on your search results. That being said, the main page of your blog need a very descriptive title and meta descriptions that contain your most important keywords.

The reason for this is that It will tell search engines what exactly your blog or website is all about. This title and meta description must be added in the header section of your blog. see example below. 

Title and meta description

Blog title and meta description sample

Here is the requirement for Google title and description, 

  • Titles: maximum of 78 characters
  • Descriptions: between 110 & 120 characters maximum. 

This also gets your content optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Another trick you need to know is to stick your most important keywords in your title and meta description all the times.

Marketing your Blog

After you get your blog set up and ready to start blogging, the next thing you need to care about is how you can market your blog so you will get readers. Your blogging career won’t be profitable if you don’t have readers coming to your blog. Here are few things you can do and use to start getting traffic to your blog.

19. Social Meia profiles

One of the best and free way to market your blog is through social media. There are millions of people who are interested in reading your blog on a daily bases and they can be found on social media.

You need to create many profiles on all the social media platforms so you can share your blog post each time you create one. That way you can get the exposure you need to grow your blog through social media. At least create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

20. Forum registrations

The forums work similar to the traditional media but with even more advantage. one great thing with forums is the categories they provide, here you will be able to communicate and network with people who are directly interested in your topic or niche.

You can learn a lot from forums as well as share your experiences with others. Learn how to answer questions on forums, that way you get people looking at your profiles and visiting your blog. which will increase your traffic.

21. YouTube Channel

YouTube gives you the opportunity to share your video, learn watching a ton of videos to improve your blogging skills. It will be great if are able to create videos and share them regularly on youtube. Youtube gives you targeted traffic and another opportunity to monetize your videos and make money.

22. Networking

Networking is another great way to market your self and your blog. You should take networking seriously if you can. This is because it gives you the opportunity to connect with other bloggers in various online and offline platforms. The benefits are numerous but to highlight just a few, you will be able to get backlinks, promote your blog through influencers, and grow faster and better.

23. Email subscription list

One thing you won’t want to miss is to have an email list. You can do this by creating an email funnel for your readers and followers to subscribe to your blog. This way, you will be able to send them emails each time you create a blog post. Email marketing should be part of your blogging career right from the start.

24. Post schedule tools

There are several post schedule tools these days including a lot of social media plugins that allow you to automatically post your content to social media platforms. It makes your work very easy as you are not manually posting on each of the social media platforms. All you need to do is to create your post and get them scheduled, once done your blog post will go out and post even when you are sleeping. 

Monetizing your Blog

All your blogging efforts comes down to making money. There is no denying that people make a living out of blogging and you can also. Blogging can be more profitable if you know how to monetize your blog very well and here are the most popular ways you can monetize your blog.

25. Ad Networks

There are a lot of Ad Networks out there, both big and small, regional and global. The biggest Ad network is the Google Adsense. however, they do not accept everyone because of their requirement. In any case, there is a way out of the situation as you can always use our Ad Network AdsTargets.

Make money blogging

Make money blogging

We offer all the monetization possibilities just like Google Adsense. At AdsTargets, you can monetize your blog with Banners Ads, Text Ads, Interstitial Ads, and In-App Ads. across mobile and desktop devices. We accept publishers and advertisers all over the world.

25. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great way to monetize your blog. The idea here is that you help people or businesses sell their products or services and in turn, you get a commission for every sale you make with your affiliate link. Many bloggers actually utilize this method and make a lot of money. 

26. Sponsored posts

You can as well write a sponsored post for celebrities, businesses or whosoever need a sponsored post. Politicians are good customers for this, however, you will need your blog to become very popular before you can start writing sponsored posts.

27. Sell Ad Space

Many bloggers actually seel their Ad space only to the general online advertisers, you can do this by putting a banner asking advertisers to buy those ad space on your blog.

This is a very profitable way of making money with your blog as you charge advertisers periodically. make absolute use of those Ad space on your blog pages and sidebars to make money with your blog. 

28. Sell products

Seeling stuff on your blog can be another way of making money. You may not have your own products but you can definitely sell other people’s products on your blog for a commission.

Remember I talked about designing your T-shirts and face-caps for branding your blog, you can negotiate with those manufacturers and get a better deal and start selling them on your blog. This will be your own product as well a branding strategy. 


If you read this post till the end, you might be making a lot of money within six months after starting your blogging career. This post contains almost everything you need to become a professional blogger and a very profitable one. If you have been blogging already, please let us know your experiences and suggestions in the comment section of this blog post.

Good luck and happy blogging life.